d7k AF with AF-C & dynamic area doesn't work as the manual states

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Re: I'm completely baffled.
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Go play with the 3D tracking, you will be pleased!

Thanks, Mike. 3d doesn't work well for many of the things I want to do, but I'll certainly keep your suggestion in mind to try it more often to see where it might work best.


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How much have you used it? I use it for all the sports, chasing kids, and portraits, etc. Love how it locks on an eye and will not let go while framing. Really the only time it is off is for product type work where LV MF is so critical.

Is the D600 area that much smaller? I have seen the pics, but it does not look that limiting.

Hate to tell ya, but the "3D Tracking" thing is a bit of a joke to any real photographer, except in VERY specific situations. I don't use it at all, nor do I with my D300.

I don't think you hated saying that at all. I used to use it all the time but then I read a whole bunch of stuff saying that AF-C actually does what 3D tracking is perceived to do; from what I understand, it is only useful when subject's motion is completely erratic. I have since abandoned 3D tracking and while I still get shots OOF, I hope it's not because of it.

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I lug my photo equipment everywhere. Is it heavy? Sure. Is it uncomfortable and cumbersome? Absolutely. Is it often an inconvenience? You bet. But is it all worth it? Maybe.

No. 3D works KIND OF well when there's a distinct color difference between your subject and background, like a soccer player in a red uniform on a green field. Otherwise, it doesn't work very well. Try tracking an eagle diving at a river for its food against a background of brown and green foliage, with 3D Tracking. Doesn't work.

Interesting, but that is not my experience.  My son plays kids soccer and they have had green uniforms at least one of the years.   I let the camera lock on his face anyway, that is what I want in focus.  The camera recognizes his face then eye and locks right on.  The D7K seems to also remember what it was tracking by more than color.  I have multiple times where he ran behind another player and once he was back in view the focus point snaps right back to his face, then eye.  BTW - When this happens, the player in the front usually is in sharp focus.

Maybe the difference is the D300s older processor was not as good/fast as the Expeed2 in the D7K?  Also am usually shooting a 70-200 VRII so focus as fast as it gets for Nikon.

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