Why is Panasonic launching TEN compact cameras in January?

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Re: Why is Panasonic launching TEN compact cameras in January?
In reply to Airless, Jan 13, 2013

I imagine in the old times, it would have helped to have so many models in the market. Imagine you would go to a store and you see one big shelf full of cameras from company X while on the other shelf there are only 4/5 models from company Y. The buyer would have probably been impressed by the sheer number of different models thinking company X is the bigger, more serious, more prestigious one comparing to company Y.

In the age of Internet, things seems having changed somewhat though. The sheer number of different models with complicated code names may not generate that psychological impact in the mind of the consumer with the same intensity. The brand reputation now easily overrides other factors.

There seems being a problem with producing two many models though. I compare it with Apple production model and its consequence: Each model a company produces always has bugs and faws that have to be fixed or remedied. Apple release few models but seems allocating quite a but of resources and energy to find those bugs and flaws and fixed them (both hardware and software wise). Moreover, very importantly, when I look at Apple products, I see a continuous gradual evolutionary progress which finds problem in the previous model and fixes them up in the next model update. The improvements starting from iPhone 3 > 3s > 4 > 4s > 5. Same for Macbook pro line.

Now when a company comes with 80 different products. Obviously it will have less resources and time to work out the bugs and flaws of each product and fixes them in the next model update. That means these bugs and flaws persist remaining in future models generating a less pleasing experience in the mind of the consumer.

In the past couple of years, consumers have had a gradual shift from PC industry to Apple products starting with iPod and iPhone. Now many consumers have become aware that if they buy an Apple products they have bought something that is less buggy and more likely to just work out of the box. When buying an Apple computer, one doesn't have to go through uninstalling non-sense bloatware in order to boost performance of that brand new but too slow computer or, look for a tech savvy friend to come to rescue (fixing a problem that made her Windows system unusable).

An example: I just bought an Asus Zenbook Ultrabook. OUt of the box, it was in awful working condition. It took me a week (reading stuff on the Internet, etc.) to learn and fix some issues with the laptop. It is a very nice ultrabook with a great IPS full HD display. However, Asus hasn't spent enough time to fix obvious flaws and tweak things to make sure the product is released to the market in all good working order. The problem is Asus is producing too many laptop models and working out each specific model now easily eats their limited resources and energy.

However, since now consumer masses are getting familiar with Apple products more and more, other manufacturers need to reconsider their old marketing strategy or, they may possibly loose more and more and their market share to Apple.  I think Asus instead of releasing 80 different laptop models, should release only 10 models but then spend their resources to tweak and imrove those few models. Panasonic perhaps should come up with only 3 P&S models instead of 10 but, try something really innovative to make their cameras distinct from the competition and more interesting to buy.

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