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Re: The wrong direction
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Rachotilko wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Rachotilko wrote:

If that's the case (HS50 being the X-S1 successor) then the development went the wrong direction.

X-S1's only fault was that the lens resolution was too much affected by compromises stemming from the enormous FL range.

X-S2 done right should be the exactly same camera as X-S1 with lens replaced by optically perfect (fast, razor-sharp, CA-less) 28-350mm unit with high-performance image stabilization.

That is what would make the bridge camera really valid. Throw out the ridiculous hubble telescope zoom for something more realistic, and use a larger sensor to up the image quality.

Insisting on a mega zoom that has dubious IQ, and then being stuck with a small sensor to boot is not a sensible way to go. Make a bridge camera with a 1" sensor and a 5 or 8 to 1 zoom and trade ridiculous, minimally usable zoom for real IQ at all focal lengths.

And give up those grainy pigeons in the next county.

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Well, I'd keep the 2/3 sensor - as I liked the results from X10. The crucial problem of X-S1 was not the sensor, but the lense.

I'd rather take optically perfect lens - and maybe a little faster as well: that perfect 28-350mm lense could maybe come with f/2.8-f/3.5 apertures.

Pointless, If all you want is 350mm then you may as well get a DSLR or mirror-less camera. There is no option to extend a bridge cameras FL except for a TC and all the good one's weigh in at over 600g. I don't want to be lugging an additional 600g around all day.

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