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Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji hands-on at CES 2013
In reply to David V, Jan 10, 2013

David V wrote:

TThorne wrote:

Sucks about peaking. Oh well. Shows how many corners were cut and how little thought went into the details of the early models. It's days like this I hate to love Fuji.

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Fuji, like any other manufacturer, learns from their experiences with new launches. I think it was less a matter of cutting corners and more a matter hitting the target, but not the bullseye. It is very costly to do the R&D and manufacture a new product, and I'm sure they want to get as close as possible to perfection out of the gate, because they get more "re-use" out of the design in future iterations which reduces their overall product costs and maximizes profits over the life of said product line, especially if they don't have to keep re-tooling for changes to the design.

Just my thoughts.

All very true.  It's just a shame that they killed the enthusiasm for the X-E1 so quickly.  A few more months (at least) would have been better.

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