Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: and there is the problem...
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mike703 wrote:

The video gives the clear impression that vigorously sousing a K30 + WR lens with water is a non-issue and that the camera can take any environmental conditions it will meet. So why should a little humidity be a problem?

You say "a little humidity", like it was something that would be easy to keep out.

Whether it is a little or a lot, it should be possible to keep out - if Pentax's marketing claims are to be believed. John Carlson's video says that the seals 'prevent the intrusion of water' (0:24) and is 'designed for worry free use in any weather conditions' (0:46). There are no cautionary comments about 'but you might want to be careful when...'

I will bet that splashed water is far easier to keep out than a change in humidity - by 100 fold.

Any evidence for that? In heavy rain there is a lot of humidity present as well.

Besides, the issue is not simply humidity, it's the sudden change in temperature which causes the condensation.

It makes no difference where the humidity comes from; water is water, whether it has condensed all over the camera because the camera has been taken into a hot and humid environment (the OP), or because you have emptied a glass of water all over it (John Carlson's video).

The OP may have a warranty issue, but denying the sudden temperature swing as the most likely culprit appears seems to be out of place here.

I said no such thing. Read my earlier post. The issue is not the source of the condensation, but the fact that the camera / lens combination could not keep it out.

I agree that a warm and humid environment with a cold camera represents a severe challenge to weather sealing - particularly with a zoom lens - and you and I know enough to take sensible precautions. But - and this is my point - the video doesn't say this. It gives the clear impression that the camera can handle any likely environmental conditions ('Bring it on, mother nature!' at 1:00) - even with a non-DA* lens on it. I am surprised that this video is so cavalier and sweeping in its claims... it is clearly misleading.

Best wishes

No question about it. Agreed once again. Why do people defend Pentax on this issue. Watch the video, read the Pentax website on the cameras. Look at the Video of the Photographer taking pictures in Montauk during the Summer. Heat, air conditioning and water. Come on man they stress " Never take a rain check " on the website. A very inviting advertisement that says to me... This camera can do it all.

Hello djrocks66

And what would you say when someone make pictures in the hot desert because he saw a video about it and put it's camera back into it's car..at the windshield...and close all windows...so that his camera got later a heat stoke ?

as I wrote elsware, I realy hope that he yust have had a bad seal, and that he get hir camera/lens repaired....but it's always the same....one have a trobble....and we end up that the hole Pentax WR concept is wrong and the marketing a lie

I never said it was a marketing lie. I was saying they market the camera pretty much that it could take anything mother nature can throw at it. Taking the camera to a water park to take pictures is hardly a challenge. I don't want to hear about going from cold to hot. I did it all summer. I shot many shots from my pool as my kids jumped in and splashed the camera and it was fine.  I think it is a great weather resistant system. Just don't try and make excuses for Pentax. If the OP's camera is faulty or if he didn't submerge it under water then he should be covered under warranty. The camera should be able to handle splashes of water. That's what they designed it for as well as various climates.

Sorry, please not in this simplistically way

BTW: thank's to the WR of my K5 and with the use of my only one WR lens, the DA 18-55 WR, I could get my best hometown picture during a cold and heavy rainy night:

... and I'm happy about this WR possibilities

best regards kikivrany

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