Advice to owners of RAW-enabled Powershot: SHOOT RAW !!!

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I get it now, Marco
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After glancing at your old "why RAW is overrated" statements I finally understand.  You said at one point that highlights could be retrieved from JPEGs.  Since the only reason a highlight can be "retrieved" from a RAW is because it was never lost, only concealed behind a false histogram that is only showing what the JPEG settings would produce, I see that it's not just that you prefer the use of JPEG in general, you also need to justify yourself using any and all means necessary.

I've never claimed to shoot exclusively RAW because for snapshots I'm fine with JPEG.  If I ever value an image enough to edit it, I do choose RAW because it is very flexible when compared to JPEG editing.....among many other benefits.  You've stated that you've shot JPEG for years and even avoid RAW on more serious cameras than the G1 X, cameras that don't overcook images like point and shoots tend to do anyway and also have much finer control over JPEG output.

It's sad that someone who seems to enjoy photography so much made up his mind years ago and doesn't seem to want to hear facts.....or refuses to acknowledge fact as fact.  Preferences are subjective and that's fine, but you want to justify a subjective choice by denying objective fact.  That flies in the face of your own choice by making it look as though your decisions are based on ignorance instead of a well-reasoned conclusion.

It's a shame that people can be so stubborn as to believe their way is the only sensible way.  It's also sad when someone takes on an air of objectivety by stating there might be valid reason to think a certain way but then goes on a rant stating over and over again that there's such a narrow set of circumstances that justify that way of thinking as to make it insignificant, and even then the benefits in those situations are marginal at best.  Thus, the original attempt at openmindedness turns into hypocrisy.

What I'm saying is, you could argue your point better if you understood the subject you claimed to be an expert on.

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