6D + Canon 50/1.8 or D600 + Nikon 50/1.8? Help me decide.

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Re: Honest responses
In reply to schmegg, Jan 9, 2013

schmegg wrote:

I'm not a fan of the flat, over-processed look like the example posted here by ultimitsu. I prefer contrast in my images.

So you prefer this one?

The processed image is not flat, there is plenty of contrast in it, check under the display tables and the view outside, easily 5 vs 230+ as far as jpeg goes.

It doesnt look great, I give you that, and the reason for that is 60D's lack of DR - information captured in the low end of DR presents inaccurate and false data - that is why colour dont look perfect and red noise is present. a D600 will no doubt make the same photo look a lot better.

The point is, why would I miss something that I don't feel I need?

if you ask people in 2005 many will tell you they do not need more than 6mp or shooting at iso 3200.

How silly would that be today?

If there were thousands of images out there in image-land from EXMOR based cameras that were clearly better that what I can get with my Canon, then I'd start to think .. "Hmm, maybe I am missing out here."

But, there isn't.

Because the practical difference is not that you will get a jaw dropping image every time, but rather, you will get a good looking image where canon cannot deliver. Such as the example I have shown - if that photo was shot by D600, it will look a lot better, but you would not think "wow that is amazing" because you do not turn your mind to the fact that canon's image would be a lot worse.

And most (not all) of the examples I seen posted to show the 'wonders' of more base ISO DR end up looking like the mess ultimitsu posted (in my assessment).

you got it the wrong way around, the good ones simply look like natural enough that you could not tell if handled a contrasty scene. it is the ones without good DR to begin with that start to show noise and inaccurate colour when you process them (such as this 60D image)

Those extra two stops of DR at base ISO are no more a necessity than a 100% viewfinder or an extra frame per second.

Necessity? maybe not. A lot more important? hell yeah.

Many great photographers manage just fine making money and winning awards with 12 or 11 stops of DR.

Photography as a hobby isnt just about minimal cost to maximum profit. Time is precious for most people, chance of travelling to a particular place and take a shot could well be the only time that shot is ever taken. Having a camera that will give you the best IQ to cherish in decades time is what it is all about. i dont care if someone out there is making a living with a 11.5 stop camera shooting weddings, I simply wished my picture was taken with a 14 stop camera.

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