6D + Canon 50/1.8 or D600 + Nikon 50/1.8? Help me decide.

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Re: Dynamic Range
In reply to ultimitsu, Jan 8, 2013

ultimitsu wrote:

roustabout66 wrote:


I assume you do realize that neither of your images show 14 stops of DR...not even close.

of course, because the camera has only got 11.5 stops of DR.

Your eyes may have seen 14 or even 20 stops but these images are probably no more than 5 stops.

that you would be wrong. care to explain how you came up with 5?

Printing in my darkroom starting in 1978...a muddy highlight with a bunch of mid tones is not 8 stops, 11.5 stops, or 14 stops.

The top image is very bright and very dark with little in between. The processed image has a bright (but not AS bright) tone and a lot of mid tones. True you have lightened the dark tones (nice job by the way) to mid tones but that is not the same as printing a 14 stop image. Transmitted light images can show more dynamic range than reflected light images.

If what you are saying is the final image has a lot less DR than the scene - you are correct and that is my point: MORE DR for the sensor allows you to capture more of the scene and it does not matter if display format cannot display that many DR, DR simply gets compressed a bit in display.

Compressed a bit.....right. Look, the difference in transmitted light vs reflected light has been known by photographers for many many years. I have no intention in further trying to convince you the earth is not flat. I suggest you get off these forums and read some good books on printing...and have fun.

Over and out.

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