6D + Canon 50/1.8 or D600 + Nikon 50/1.8? Help me decide.

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Re: The lens is the clearest difference between these two set ups.
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It is pretty clear that you are going to just have to go put your hands on the cameras and figure out which one is going to feel better. I love the super fast primes from Canon just like any sensible photographer would. The 85mmf1.2 is a fantastic optic, and I don't think that Nikon has a real equivalent. From personal experience, I would rank the following primes in favor of these vendors:

15mmf2.8 - Canon

24mmf2.8 - Nikon

35mmf1.4 - Canon

50mmf1.8 - Nikon (oddly, I like the 1.8 version of the 50mm from Nikon than the 1.4)

50mmf1.4 - Canon

85mmf1.2 - Canon (Nikon's f1.4 version of this lens is nice, but I have a greater love for the Canon)

135mmf2 - Canon

If you are going to get into a zoom kit, then I would say that Nikon is where the best action is at. If you get the 14-24, 24-70, and the 70-200 from Nikon, you will find yourself armed with one of the best camera rigs ever created by man. You could slap that on any Nikon body and be very very happy with your choice in camera brands.

I think that Canon is a great option as far as primes, and in their zoom range, you have the great 24-70 and 70-200, but on the wider end of things I still think that Nikon is making a stronger showing in the zooms.

No matter what, you will find yourself happy with either set up though. There is a reason that I haven't gotten rid of any of my Nikon kit after I bought into Canon. They are both very competent systems, and demanding that one is better than the other is just silly. Get your tools and start making images. That's what it is all about.

Good luck.


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Wow...that's a pretty killer camera! Are you any good? -Jake-

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