Clinton continues to dodge the Benghazi hearings

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Re: Clinton continues to dodge the Benghazi hearings
In reply to Wheatfield, Jan 7, 2013

Wheatfield wrote:

William DIllard wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

Jim wrote:

Why don't you just turn on the tv and watch the news for yourself. Four of our citizens are DEAD, my man, an no one loses their jobs? Yeah, she's dirty alright and quite worried that the dirt will show when she runs in 2016. I guess she's not too worried about those that got killed though. We all have our priorities, right?

Yup. A few diplomats killed in a country that they knew would be a dangerous assignment, you guys act like a lynch mob. A couple of dozen kids get whacked in school, and its business as usual. But you do have your priorities, right?

Wheatfield you are amazing...................No one had foreknowledge about the school killings, and as a result all we can do is try to make sure as possible that it will not happen again. It has nothing to do with priorities in regard to why people are angry over Benghazzi. These folks were trying to get help and they got nothing. These people were the President's responsibility and at least on the surface it seems that the only thing he was concerned about was how a rescue would affect him. I'm trying to give him a benefit of a doubt, but when I look at the evidence it does not give me the warm fuzzies. And if he is clean, all he has to do is speak up, but he won't, which makes it seem as if he has something to hide. Just because the man is a Liberal he gets a need to investigate further ! I hold much of the American population guilty for being willfully blind. They do not want to know the truth. It is stupid. Why wouldn't anyone want to know that their administration has been acting in good faith, unless they really think the Administration really has not been all that ?

You are presuming, from the sounds of it, that President Obama was in constant contact with the protesters themselves, and should have, therefore, been somehow in on their plans to storm the CIA outpost that was housing political prisoners, and your diplomats. Really, the mantra from the right is that the administration should somehow be omnipotent.

Christ, Wheatfield wake up...there WEREN'T any protesters.

As far as releasing information to the public, the administration is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't, but again, there is a presumption from the right that there should be omnipotence regarding information gathering. The administration was releasing the best information they had AT THE TIME when they were releasing it. The fact that the information they had on hand turned out to be less than correct means they are being damned as liars, and that they seemed to have then waited until they had correct information to correct things means they are damned for withholding information.

The administration tried a coverup and got pinched. The information they had on hand was in near real time so they KNEW what was going on. Yes, they are damned liars.

You guys want it both ways when the reality is, chose one or the other.

No, we want the truth to come out.

I read a timeline of possible "help" from a military expert. It involved mustering troops from Italy onto helicopters, a trip to some place in Africa for a refueling stop, and then onwards to Libya, where they would have been an invading military force. His best guess was 8 to 10 hours to get military assistance to the area, and effectively be declaring war on a foreign country. He discounted the possibility of using aerial strikes because of the too great possibility of injuring bystanders.

Not so. They could have come directly from Sigonella, Italy...about 90 minutes flight time away. Remember, the last three Americans killed occurred at the end of the 7 hours. There was plenty of time and Obama deliberately did nothing.

This means the closest "help" was way beyond being able to do any good.

Regarding the school killings, there is absolutely no way anyone is going to make as sure as possible something like that never happens again. Exactly the opposite is true, and you people are making sure that there not only will be a next time, but that the next time will involve even more loss of life.

But you have your priorities, right?

I think you need to take a class in logical thinking. Better yet, become a journalist here in the U.S. You make a great Obama apologist already and that's a journalist's number one job criteria.

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