5D Mark III Images Corrupted? Weird Colors

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Re: 5D Mark III Images Corrupted? Weird Colors
In reply to danqi, Jan 6, 2013

There seem to be two separate issues being discussed here.  The first, reported by the OP, concerns images that are corrupted while the CF card is still in the camera and which are noticed more-or-less immediately.  The second is a corruption that isn't noticed until after the images have been downloaded to a computer.  My experience is with the second issue.

I have a group of images which, by my way of thinking, were being corrupted by Lightroom.  I blamed LR because everything seemed find until sometime after the import process, at which point I would watch an image corrupt before my very eyes.  Everyone has replied that it can't be LR causing the corruption, because LR makes no changes to the file.

Diagnosing hardware problems can be a never ending job, especially when the error occurs infrequently and apparently randomly.  So, I have made some significant changes to my workflow to provide as much protection as I can against an image corruption.  Most of my shooting takes place on vacation, so I cart along a small laptop.  Each day, I use the laptop to copy images from the CF card to a portable hard drive.  I do not erase the card, choosing instead to invest in enough cards to last me through 3-4 weeks of constant shooting.  When I get home, I copy both the contents of the portable drive and the CF cards to separate drives on my computer.  I use Canon's software to open the images.  If all is fine, I copy the images to a removable hard drive and to a Blu-ray disk.  Then, and only then, do I move the images to my import drive, and import them into LR which makes a copy on yet another drive.  Then, when the corruption happens (and it always seems to happen to a few images out of thousands, I have several different backups to choose from.

At first, I was really ticked off by the way some of my images were unusable.  Then I thought back to film, and recounted the many images and full rolls of film that I messed up with stupid mistakes.  I think digital has a lower failure rate, for me at least.

For what it's worth, another forum member offered to do a bit-by-bot comparison of a corrupted versus an uncorrupted version of an image.  He reported back that the two files were identical save for a single bit.

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