Are these shots representative of typical RX100 output?

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Re: Yes and No.
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Joachim Gerstl wrote:


The RX100 is a very special camera. It's output can be truly impressive but it is very sensitive and unforgiving regarding a sloppy shooting style.

One big issue is the rather weak image stabilization combined with the lack of setting a minimum shutter speed in the auto ISO menu. Another one is white balance and rather flat looking RAW files.

I think that you are a bit on the exaggeration side. None of what you have described above is a "big issue" for one who has some photography skills. Maybe a bit inconvenient if you must comment, but not more than that, and there are always workarounds.

if you must comment? Are you serious? The Sony RX100 is maybe the best digital compact every made. It's an achievement to get such a large sensor in such a small camera. BUT because Sony forget one stupid line in a menu: minimum shutter speed in the AUTO-ISO menu it is compromised. No need for work arounds just a firmware update to add one line in a menu.

I'm curious to hear about your work around other than to switch off AUTO-ISO or to switch to shutter priority which leads the camera to shoot wide open and give away IQ.

I usually avoin Auto ISO but when I use it, I shoot aperture priority and watch my shutter speed. I will then open up the aperture as the speed drops beyond my minimum which depends on the focal length. I agree that having a fixed minimum shutter speed set by auto ISO may add some comfort and is nice to have, but is it really such a big issue?

IS that is unable to provide sharp images at 1/30s at 28mm ( full frame equ. ) on a regular base is not reasonable it is hardly working at all.

Every average photographer is capable of taking perfectly steady and sharp photos at 28mm 1/30 on a regular base without even the need of an IS. How come you cant do it with IS? Sorry but I don't understand your complaint here.

For me, the RX100 IS works fine. I can shoot steady sharp photos at 1/30 even at 100mm all the time.

This is a camera forum where people discuss about the good and the not so good things of a camera. The RX100 has a lot of good things but also some weaknesses. To deny that is ridiculous.


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