The amazing animal menagerie… where every single creature is DEAD!

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Re: The amazing animal menagerie… where every single creature is DEAD!
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aus4ever wrote:

lownine wrote:


JulesJ wrote:

Mouser wrote:

"'A true hunter is actually very concerned with conservation. I love animals and I don't just kill them for the sake of it. I'm selective with who I hunt with so I mainly go alone with a guide and I always hunt legally. Hunting legally is beneficial for a lot of people as the meat goes to the communities and the money that legal hunting brings to the area gets put towards anti- poaching units."

Now let me think. How many pastimes are there man can do to enjoy his life. Let's list a few.

Climbing a mountain.
Sailing an ocean.
Building a house.
Being creative and painting or even taking pictures.
Doing charity work and combining it with traveling (I did that).
I could go on.

But what does Mouser do for his excitement.

Kill innocent animals for the hell of it. Think of that hit of adrenalin he getas as the poor beast falls to the ground blood spurting from it's mouth as it's family look on.

Thanks goodness for guns.


All hunting on this planet should be banned.

Any person that actually enjoys killing a poor defenceless animal and takes pleasure from indeed a very sick human being.

Assuming facts not in they say in courtroom dramas. But as you are a vegan, your principled abhorrence of hunting is legitimate...not that you need that sanction from me or anyone.

On the other hand, what if the hunter knelt over the prey and gave thanks to the animal's spirit for its sacrifice and pledged that the sacrifice would be honored by some resultant good.

Crazy thinking.
Do you think the animal spirits (if they have one) should thank their hunter for cutting their lives short?

I saw it in a movie.  I just wondered if Kev had the same feeling about a native tribe that observed cultural traditions and felt a kinship with the prey that sustained their communities.

I selected this image to contrast one older hunting tradition with his apparent belief that the reason some people hunt with assault rifles is that they cannot control their hysterical laughter at the thought of a blood slaughter and that this affects their aim.

I suppose those who don't use assault rifles simply have better breath control to get them through the giggling fits.

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