Which countries have unarmed police forces?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Which countries have unarmed police forces?
Jan 5, 2013

Which countries have unarmed police forces aside from UK and Japan?

Before moving to UK in 2005, I had a couple of job assignments every year in Japan that lasted for 3 months every visit. In 1995, when I first found out that regular police force in Japan don't carry guns, I had a 'strange' impression about them because I came from a country where many people own guns legally and illegally and every police officer carries M16s with a few long banana-type cartridges of bullets wrapped around their bodies. I kept asking myself and some Japanese friends how can they do their job 'properly' if they don't carry guns. My question had not been answered maybe because of language issue.

I had the same impression when I moved to UK. I asked my workmates what's the reason behind it but no one gave me a convincing answer.

But after living in UK for a couple of years, my strange impression turned into admiration to the UK and Japan police forces and the country themselves when it comes to peace and order and solving crimes in the community.

The answer to my question did not come from anyone but myself after knowing how the two different societies work. Regular police forces don't carry guns because there is no need to. Carrying a gun is a heinous crime and the justice system is very quick in giving fair judgment. Two countries specially UK have millions of CCTV watching everyone. If one commits a violent crime in the community, 99.9% the crime would be solved and the criminals get jailed because modern technology like CCTV and DNA will always give the police force the information that would lead to solving the crime. Because on this, very few criminals dare to spread havoc to the society. They knew that they could be traced and get jailed. And having criminal records in a society like UK and Japan, it's like doing a suicide. Getting a job after the jail term to survive in the society is next to impossible. So the criminals have to think a million times before committing violent crime.

I asked two of my workmates who were Americans in their 'previous' life before why they decided to move to UK when I knew quiet a few British people would like to move to the US of A to pursue their American dreams. I got the same answer --->>> they don't want to raise their children in a society where almost everyone owns a gun and the crime in the US communities where they used to live is 'not a good place' to raise their children.

So everytime I read comments here by an American gun owners about how bad the UK crime is in UK because the people and the police are unarmed, I always chuckle. I'm not British and so my opinion is not bias.

I salute the UK and Japan for leading the countries in the world in showing how to deter crimes without arming their police and ordinary cicitzens.

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