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CX6 Review

Having owned a CX3 and have a GXR, now purchased a CX6.

I was already blown away by the CX3 some 2 years ago, so i will focus on the updates of the CX6.

If you check, you ill find some 10 new features;

So i will try to highlight those from my experience;

1 AF; works perfect, both for still pictures as for video, even when zooming during video; so yes, the CX6 can focus continuously

2; Zoom assist; what a dumb feature i thought at first, but try to focus on something when zoomed in to 600 mm, you'll find it very hard to get the specific point on the screen, no longer with this feature, as you now simply see where you are pointing at, so; very, very usefull

3; A/S; knowing this tiny sensor will never create much bokeh, aperture control might seem stupid, but i found it usefull in darker situations, where i forced the camera to open up, control is from max open to max closed, nothing in between.(no problem as there is almost no difference )
S control is nice to use for shooting a fountain or rain to see the drop.

4;Snap movies; as family shooter, i usually shoot small videos like 30 seconds, now i can program this, and i always shoot videos of that lenght automatically, so; nice to have, but you could live without it

5; Calendar view; great; zoom out 3x and you go from 20 pics to 81 to calendar; per selected date, a small screen appears as a slide show, showing all the pics of that date one by one, very usefull for a quick search

6 Movie split; yep, works very easy, same method as deleting a picture, easy, simple, crop off unneccessairy start and stop second to limit the memory usage

7; extra new scenes like BB and cross process; love them both, change vignetting etc, fantastic.

8 fast AF; point click shoot, where is the focussing gone? Really fast.

9 one i have to mention is the SR superzoom up to 600 mm; works asif it is an optical and not a digital zoom, that good.

CONCLUSION; Is this the ultimate small travel zoom camera; oh yes, the improvements to CX3 are massive enough to upgrade. The new scenes, better stabilisation, faster focussing, it all contributes to a much higher yield, you have more good pics, you have less pics you need to post proces.

Really worth looking at.

PS; Compaired to a GXR +S10; pro; zoom, smaller, less manual controls hence less complicated, neg; IQ is defenatly lower, less manual control, hence less possibilities to set up, the GXR is simply a DSLR in disguise, a CX will never come close.

I tried to post this as a review in the CAMERA database, but for some reason, i got kicked out time after time.

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