Should I exchange the SX50 for something better in low light and action mode??????

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Felix John
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Re: Should I exchange the SX50 for something better in low light and action mode??????
In reply to lkk324, Jan 4, 2013

lkk324 wrote:

Felix John wrote:

I know everyone in here wants me to pick a darn camera and be done with it and stop asking 8000 questions.

So please continue to ask away, as it feels like you’re asking not only for me, but I suspect, others as well. I will never not admit what I don’t know, or try pretending, as the only one that would hurt, is me. So you go girl, & again, thanks to all of you...
Every question you’ve asked, every confused thought you’ve expressed, are not only ones that went through my mind, but still do. For that I thank you. Also to those replying. Very grateful. The truth seems to be what someone posted earlier, there is no perfect camera that will do everything. The best camera is the one you like best, easiest one for you to operate, & gives you the desired effects/pics... Like guitars, you can buy the very best gear, but that doesn’t mean it will make you a better player. Same in reverse.
Not me. Like you, I am a complete novice. Never took a picture that wasn’t on ‘Auto’... Now I have the SX50 & trying to learn. Got mine on EBay after days of so much research & confusion, I was ready to just throw a dart between the SX50 & the FZ200. Finally got the SX50 for a variety of reasons, almost none being legit (pertaining to photography), but 2 of the biggies were the zoom & price.

Haha Thanks John! What are your thoughts on the camera so far?


Well, I like it so far. Then again, I've not been able to take more than a couple outside shots. I'm disabled & it's been raining, & sometimes bedridden. Though I have a lot of pics/movies of my cat, who now runs away when she sees the camera in my hands. Also nurses, my guitars, & the kitchen.

Since I don't have anything to compare it to, & lack experience, I really can't comment on how good/bad the SX50 is, which is why I like coming here to read & learn. Plus I have you to ask my questions.

Trying to get this auto focus down, as the camera goes dark on me sometimes when going into an area with no direct light, only what's coming in from another room. Don't know if you've seen them, but there are several low light tests on YT.

Tomorrow I get to go out, & the SX50 is coming with me, rain or not. Big reason I got the Canon over the Panasonic, is for the zoom to take me where I can no longer go physically... I intend on not just learning, but having fun with it. Starting with 'auto' as Stephen wrote, then experimenting... It was a great relief when I finally chose one, & I like it. Don't drive yourself to crazy with 'what if's', or 'should have's'. Have fun with what you have, regardless of what you choose.


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