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Re: Chill, people...
In reply to Clayton1985, Jan 3, 2013

D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your camera won't focus or meter properly

´╗┐This was the subject and if I'm reading it correctly it says the camera won't focus or meter´╗┐ properly.

"Bashing" as you put it or criticizing the OP on the presentation and wording of the post will hopefully help him/her learn what not to do next time when you need help (assuming the OP is genuinely interested in help).

I also believe that the analysis from Peter gets closer to the root of the problem than most of the other replies and his advice would benefit the OP as much or more than any other given.

I get what you're saying then. Perhaps I misunderstood. I was mainly looking at Epic Light's comment of 'reported for trolling' and thinking...that's just ridiculous.

I can see the wider problem of people blaming their cameras when things don't work out, and then buying higher end cameras hoping that it'll fix the problem. That never does fix the problem. If someone can't get good shots with a D50, getting a D600 isn't going to change that. What should happen, IMO, is someone getting good shots on a D50 sees the limitations of that camera, sees how a higher end camera can remove those limitations, upgrades to that camera, and then takes good photos in a wider variety of situations as a result.

One of the things I've learned to do is to not blame my camera. Instead, I'd suggest thinking along the lines of "what is my camera capable of in this situation?" and try to achieve that.

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