You are getting disarmed yankees.

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Re: You and who's armies (yes, that's plural).
In reply to CraigWestly, Jan 3, 2013

CraigWestly wrote:

mamallama wrote:

lylejk wrote:

Our government is currently not a dictatorship big mama so there is not need for civil war yet. Once that threshold is reached and we all know what is meant by that threshold, there will indeed be a civil war, but the losers will be those in power. Just remember; there are a whole lot more peons then elected bureaucrats.

Surely you jest.

YOU must be joking.

It's taken 10 years to make NO headway in Afghanistan with all that superior fire power you mentioned. And how long in Vietnam? A conventional army in an urban situation is very ineffective.

Afghanistan is the country that brought down the USSR and could very well now demolish the US.  The only way to win that one is to withdraw.

There are many more ex-military citizens WITH GUNS in the US than there is active duty. And most of the active duty troops are loyal citizens who will not carry out an unlawful order to shoot upon fellow citizens.

Your view is so stilted that I must assume you have some personal situation to make you think this way. As long as we have guns our government can NEVER turn on us. We know where they live.

Even in a country as messed up the US this is an attitude of insane overkill.  You have your constitution and the electoral system to protect you from the government.  Anyone who still thinks that personal firearms are to protect you from the government is still living in the war of independence.  Then again if a republican gets in again ...

If Americans need guns to protect them from the government Americans have absolutely nothing to brag about in terms of the purported superiority of their culture or their version of democracy.

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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