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We are learning Mandarin

Started Dec 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: We are learning Mandarin
In reply to aus4ever, Jan 2, 2013

aus4ever wrote:

Mouser wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

Mouser wrote:


What are you talking about? I think you're reading into my post rather more than is there.

Did I?

Yes, you did.

"While the west has traditionally given aid, China is doing business (so expects to profit!) “
You use the word ‘aid’ for the West and the word ‘profit’ for China. That’s pretty obvious, hypocrisy.

China started to establish connections with African countries decades ago, at a time she was isolated by the West for being communist. She was not only looking for an ally, but also looking for regular supply of petrol and raw materials. In return China helped building infra-structure, and kind of giving them a voice at the UN. It's a mutual relationship, not for making profit as you said.

While African was certainly a cold war battleground, I disagree that the west isolated the continent.

The West did not isolate the African continent; they colonised it.

Yes. My mistake, I thought you were saying that the West isolated Africa (rather than China) in your opening sentence.

Colonisation of Africa
Scramble for Africa
Africa and the Western World – a fragile relationship
Again it is hypocrisy that the West try to label China with Neo-colonialism.

Who used that label?

China's Zheng He went to Africa with his armada but did not colonise Africa.

OK - not sure what point you're making there.

China's infrastructure investments are relatively recent (20 years at most) and have accelerated over recent years. Certainly access to raw materials is major incentive, but Chinese companies are not building roads, rail, and other infrastructure as a charitable act (I don't disagree that African countries benefit from those investments, of course).

In fact China has a much much longer history with Africa than you are aware.

Africa-China relations

I am aware of that, but what I said was "China's infrastructure investments are relatively recent....".

It's a relation for mutual benefits; it's trade if you like but not just for the good of China.

I said "African countries benefit from those investments".

Note also that China's volume of trade with Africa did not surpass that of the US until 2009 or 10.
US Census Bureau

Yes, I said it has "accelerated over recent years".

Again, you're reading (or not reading!) things in my post things that aren't there.

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