The lesson of Vietnam was so long ago.

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Re: I am of course responding to your statements
In reply to Chato, Dec 31, 2012

Chato wrote:

Jim wrote:

Chato wrote:

Jim wrote:

Chato wrote:

I take it the word of the United States "Is just a scrap of paper?"

If we were still fighting in Iraq, as you propose, after Obama violated the obligations taken on by the Bush administration, you would be attacking him and blaming him for every death that took place.

That you blame Obama for whatever happens or whatever is done, is revealing about your insanity.

Respectfully, you seem to have a propensity to extrapolate words and meanings that don't exist. My only point was that ANY president has the obligation to look at any agreement to see if it remains in our interest to uphold or not.

I do hold Obama responsible for the deaths of our servicemen in Afghanistan after he made it clear to the enemy that we're pulling out in 18 months (December 1, 2009). That stupid but revealing remark completely undercut the mission and made equally clear that he had abandoned further interest there, his previous words to the contrary. If there is no mission and the president doesn't support the activities that are going on, there is no reason to maintain a troop presence, particularly in a hostile fire area. That this has been done in spite of this places the responsibility for wasted servicemen's and women's deaths and injuries directly at the feet of Obama.

And here they are:

"Let me refresh your memory. The withdrawal from Iraq began in June of 2009...all under Obama."
"Obama was president and implemented the entire withdrawal. Don't try to lay this on Bush as it was entirely done during Obama's tenure. The generals requested a different timetable but Obama didn't listen."
Your post

I can only respond to ​your posts, as you respond to mine. Extrapolate your words? ​They seem pretty clear to me.

You also condemn Obama for issuing a "time table," yet are strangely silent that Mr. Bush issued a time table.

I condemn Obama for sending troops to participate in a surge and then announcing in nearly the same breath the timetable for our withdrawal. I hope that's clear enough for you that you can see the distinction. If it not, then move on and address others' posts.

I will stick to my statements - From your prospective, whatever Obama does is inhernently wrong, and your statements would be identical no matter what he did.

You're free to believe what ever you like, Dave.

I can read and write, and read what you wrote. It's all Obama's fault, whether you kept the agreement and timetable made by Mr. Bush, or if he broke the timetable made by Mr. Bush. It's all one to you.

Like I've stated before, any president can re-evaluate any situation. I've made clear what I blame Obama for so I won't repeat it.

You make a big deal out of Mr. Bush "letting the military run things," and forget that Mr. Obama simply followed the requests of our military in Afghanistan. If Mr. Obama should be condemned, it was because he ​DID ​follow the advice of the military.

Only an idiot would commit troops and in the next breath announce their departure abject to-the-bone idiot. I'm sorry Obama fills the bill but his actions rate it. Time to move on to other matters and agree to disagree.


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