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richard stone
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Re: Obsession...not the right one.
In reply to carlos roncatti, Dec 28, 2012

carlos roncatti wrote:

I understand and agree victor, my point is that nowadays, pretty much any dsrl on the market does a great job...and any aps-c, CSC or not, is fully up to the task...

victorgv wrote:

Actually good camera helps a lot.

There was a saying " There is no bad tools but only bad carpenters" but for some reason good carpenters buy the best tools available.

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To understand photography, you must understand that the experience must be much more important than the result ....
Carlos Roncatti Bomfim
because men and women are different and we humans are the same.

Yes, agreed.

The objection to Roland's misleading and misguided post, an objection which he still professes not to understand, is that he appears to say, repeatedly, and in detail, that the Foveon sensor has a number of issues which are serious and which render it incapable of competing with the alternative type sensor. When confronted he seems to say he is not a bad person, he is just being technical....

Roland now proposes that he is being misunderstood. Perhaps: I think he understands what he is saying, but I do not think he understands why he is saying it. Roland seems to be able to make these various imaging-related statements and speak the techno-babble with the best of them, but why does he keep posting the anti-Foveon posts?

It is obvious to anyone with any understanding of the current crop of digital cameras that, as you say, any digital camera produced today will produce a quite usable image, particularly when the user has some grasp of the limitations of the particular camera. Roland seems to have missed that point altogether, if you read his very first post in this thread.

The Sigma DP2M, with the Foveon sensor, is presently regarded as a superb and unique camera by people who know cameras well and have used it. Roland clearly has not used a Foveon camera and is not an authority in that regard and, so far as I know, is not in any way a recognized authority on cameras or photography.

Roland of course has a perfect right to state his views and everyone else has the right to tell him he's wrong. The responses should, of course, as a matter of courtesy and obedience to Forum rules avoid calling him names and insulting him, etc.

There is still the question, as Kendall points out, of why there have been so many years of repeated anti-Foveon posts from Roland. Those repeated posts constitute bashing, whether Roland means it that way or not. If we accept that he does not mean it that way, and cannot help himself, and that he only wants attention, and the last word, that is one thing, but the effect or result is the same.

I agree that light moderation is required on the Forum, and I believe that Amazon and DPR have a perfect right to control the Forum in that way. Roland's posts are bashing and they are repetitive and they are essentially wrong.


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