Foveon X3 - resolution, DPI, interpolation, comparision with Bayer resolution - by Laurence Matson

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richard stone
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In reply to DMillier, Dec 27, 2012

Roland's post was misleading and misguided. Roland made it appear, or seemed to be attempting to make it appear, that the Foveon images suffered from a number of insuperable difficulties in creating usable digital images, let alone excellent ones. His comments about color were particularly misguided. His comments about the "sharpness" of images were strange to the point of incoherence.

Roland's post could lead some people to think that it is difficult or impossible to get pleasing or accurate color images from a Foveon sensor and that the alternative is in every way superior. That is clearly not the case.

Bayer sensors need AA filters to eliminate moire problems. Bayer sensors have unequal resolution of different colors. Cameras using Bayer sensors must interpolate spatial information and color. The blurring/AA filter requires that the image be sharpened in order to get back to close to what the sensor detected. None of those issues are beyond solving and the Bayers sensors work quite well, and typically better in very low light compared to the current Foveon sensors.

But the current Foveon sensors work very well too. Indeed, the latest Foveon sensor in the DP2M is superb, as are the images, and the same can be said for the DP1M. Luminous Landscaper and Michaeil Reichman said wonderful things about both of those cameras. So we have LL and M. Reichman, Quentin Bargate, Uwe Steinmuller, et al, on one side of the issue and just exactly who on the other side? Roland??? Roland arguing that sharpness is a matter of preference? And not needed for certain photographs? So why bother with sensors that make sharp images?

So what's Roland's point? His post was NOT actually a critique of the OP's post. It was Roland's objections to the Foveon sensor, which he apparently, for some reason, opposes.

I did not read Kendall's post as suggesting he wanted to be a moderator. Your comment proposes a return to an unemotional debate on these issues. The problem with that approach, even if well intended, as I imagine it is, is that these are matters of some opinion, and the only "fact" is that both types of technology currently work very well. So I do not think debate would be at all helpful; at this point it is a mainly a matter of preference. In good light, as DPR suggested in its test, nothing near to the size of the DP2M matches its resolution/sharpness.

The actual problem is that Roland's post was poorly considered, in part because it did not address the issues in the OP. I am left to wonder why he posted anything at all as a response.


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