A99 and flash - any overexposure?

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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George Evans
George Evans OP Senior Member • Posts: 1,591
Re: A99 and flash - any overexposure?

LesPickstock wrote:

Hi George (no A99.. just A77)

Until yesterday I'd not experienced Sony flash over-exposure. Then 'wham' yesterday total over-exp by about 2 stops with Sony 42flash. 10 mins earlier I had perfect exposures. Difference? The over-exposed ones were with a 20mm non-D lens (even though not using distance related flash settings). I've not confirmed this yet (weekend job).

As most of my lenses are 8-contact Ds, I've not even thought about this before; and have had no previous issues.

Co-incidence..? I'll let you know.. but I've decided to invest in Metz 58 flash anyway and use its own 'Auto' mode.

Hi Les, thanks for the reply. As you know I borrowed your flashgun earlier in the year to test it on my A77 and found the same over exposure occurring. It had me puzzled then.

George Evans

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