What makes a pro body?

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Jason Stoller
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Re: A factory in Sendai, Japan makes a pro body
In reply to Robin Casady, Dec 25, 2012

Robin Casady wrote:

Jason Stoller wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

fft81 wrote:

In terms of ergonomics/durability/functionality, what makes a camera into a pro body?

So, why do people want a D4X when there is D800? I can understand a D4X at 54MPx, but would you still buy a D4X with 36MPx sensor like d800, but in D4 body? What frame rate does 36MPx d4X need to have to be a consideration vs cheaper d800?


A factory in Sendai, Japan makes a pro body. Nikon marketing determines what is classified as a pro body.

Pros who work in harsh conditions tend to prefer the durability and weather resistance of the top-end (D4) Nikon bodies. The integrated grip is also a plus for some. Then there are features in the top-end bodies that are not found in the semi-pro (D800) bodies. For some, these extra features make the pro body a must have.

An optimum resolution for an Epson printer is 360 ppi while 240 ppi is acceptable. A D800 image at 360 ppi prints about 20x14" in size. At 240 ppi it prints 20x30"—no cropping, no distortion correction, etc. A 54 MP image would allow more quality and flexibility with large prints.

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Robin, sorry to tell you that 54 MP offers you nothing more than 54 MP...

Hmm, 54=54. Can't argue with that.

You can never argue with the obvious lol!

unless they are quality pixel, spaced properly, have the proper noise control in the camera to control the sensor, good color rendition, and software to get a quality input to output for the image produced.

And you think they wouldn't?

Robin it would not be the first time or the last.  Engineers do not always design well.  Companies develop technology that is ahead of what they actually release, and only release something slightly improved over the previous generation.  Since the goal is to get as much money out of your pocket on a regular basis they only want to dangle the carrot of innovation that is necessary to get the job done and hold back technology for the next round.

Keep in mind, there is a point that anything reaches where there is no apparent benefit. The same can be said for ppi (pixels per inch) in a print which for printers is measured differently anyway.

The image sent to the printer is measured in ppi. Since we are talking about camera resolution, that is the correct term. Dots per inch of the printer is irrelevant to this thread.

Yes which was exactly my point so why did you mention the resolution of the Epson printer to start with?  As  you yourself just pointed out its irrelevant to this thread.

How much can you really improve the quality of things on the same 35mm format sensor size. Of course there are always going to be people that perceive more as being better. Unfortunately that assumption is not always true.

A lot of people were saying the same thing about 36 MP when everyone was shooting 12 MP. Smaller sensors give us a clue as to what will be possible with FX in cameras to come.

There may be some truth in this but there is also truth that if you change too many variables  you change the rules and change the game.  Canon's fast and accurate focus was a game changer in the photography world.  There were major returns that were realized when it was implemented.

Whether or not the 36 MP sensor is a game changer in the 35mm (Fx) camera market remains to be seen.  I will point out again, there is a point of diminishing returns that exists for anything.  By the way who are a lot of people and were those people right or wrong?

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Have a great holiday.

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