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Re: Alight, here it is. Translation of the full article!

Alex Sarbu wrote:

There are many other things said in the interviews, why did you ignore them? Many new Pentax products are expected the next year (and the years to follow), and a tiny little Ricoh camera won't change this.

Looking back over the translation earlier in this thread, I really don't think I have "ignored" anything much. I haven't seen the original interview which may contain a lot more, of course. I am looking for solid statements, not vague ideas and ambiguity. Yes, there is talk about mirrorless. The spokesman doesn't seem to rate it all that highly and doesn't rate EVFs either. So they are both out, presumably.

There is talk about the K-mount, which is core to Pentax, and a few "maybes" around another mount. Nothing new there and nothing to go on. For example, can K-mount take IBIS for full-frame sensors yes or no? That would have been a good one to state. There is talk of in-camera moire-removal for sensors with no AA filter, but only a statement that Pentax are researching it. Well they would be, wouldn't they, together with every other camera-maker no doubt.

The non-commital statements around FF are more or less repeated from previous interviews.

For a brand which has just been rescued from a near-death experience during the great Hoya no-investment terror and which (potentially) now has access to relatively enormous development capital, it all sounds a bit tired to me. Almost everything except APS-C DSLRs is subtly or not so subtly batted away - excepting the 645D of course and the Q series (which must be time-limited in earnings potential as cameraphones gradually reel in the Q's very small sensor).

Respin this interview and imagine it given by someone from Microsoft, Intel, Google, Adobe or Apple. They might be full of BS but it would be buzzing and fizzing and with a headline or two thrown in for good measure. Those are the companies the camera industry and thus Pentax is really competing against, imho.

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