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Very Happy With DP2 Merrill...

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Choices...
In reply to olypan, Dec 23, 2012

olypan wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

HBowman wrote:

Yea maybe Lin changed something. But, as many said, I'm looking at photo as a whole thing. I'm not a technician (I can be) but I think photo do not need it. Like Quentin, or Michael or many others, I don't give a fk at the little colour splotch here or the little aliasing here ... I'm looking at a photo made by a photograph. Who am I to come on a forum to criticize what he done ??

For the record, I don't believe I critiziced Lin for what "he had done."

Some ppl have fun with their gear and come on DPreview's SIGMA forum to share their joy. I HATE ppl coming and saying "huuuuh look at this colour splotch ... the bokeh is not that good ... the arithmetic behind your rule of the thirds is biased". So yea, ppl like Jaelkay or Raist3d will never be my friend because they are toxic for the SIGMA forum.

Jaelkay is a basic troll. Not very hard to fight with his perpetual "sigmafia" and "conspiracies theories". We are getting used of him; he is like a pet now.

Raist3d is a cultivated troll. A sort of mix between a wizard and a troll female (huughh). More hard to fight but, with time and happy photographers coming over here, he will be soon a pet too, like his cousin, Jaelkay.

C'mon guys, let people breathe !!! Argue when it is needed, like banding, spp on mac ... but let photographer enjoy what they do.

I think your insults say more about you than anything you are trying to say about me. I already said that I did like his shot overall or did you miss that?

How come you don't pick on the people here looking at shots at 100% if what matters to you is the photograph as a whole?

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Raist3d/Ricardo (Photographer, software dev.)- I photograph black cats in coal mines at night...

I see the infamous raist has been stirring up the hornets nest again. No surprise, this guy and his chums have been causing major trouble on the 4/3and m43 forums for years. He is so despised that he bows out eventually only to resurface on other forums. He begins with mock innocence and interest and then before you know it the arguments start!

Good vain attempt at mischaracterizing me. Everyone can check the history thread. I go back all the back to even before the Olympus 4/3rds e-300 was in the market. How curious you didn't say this about me when I was writing good things about the e-300, e-330, e-420 and posting photographs with them..

Of course it's best to make stuff up about that and sidestep the very valid point I made. Keep in mind- many are calling this unequivocal best image quality of everything out there. You may want to consider why I brought it up.

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Raist3d/Ricardo (Photographer, software dev.)- I photograph black cats in coal mines at night...

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