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Re: Yep, 7d is a great camera
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Volvo wrote:

riknash wrote:

mountaingirl wrote:

The 7D seems to be in a class all it's own. Can someone more experienced than I am please tell me why?

It is a better camera than I am a photographer. There is no other competitor in the class, not from Nikon, not from anyone. I shoot Nikon as well.

I can attest to its low light AF abilities. When I take pics of my nieces plays

Fast action in low light and stadiums that are not well lit.The 7d with its fast AF accurate at low light, good high ISO noise performance to take on these difficult situations, everything else is a cake walk. Great camera even though it is 3 years old.

Richard wrote:

Sorry to disagree. There are those that have used the 7D which have moved on due to inconsistent AF. There are also those who vehemently praised and defended the 7D but interestingly, now have moved on. Oh, they say they kept their 7D for sport and action events, but we never see them posting anything new about their 7D on this forum. Maybe it wasn't in such a class of it own? As with any product, it depends on how fortunate you are in getting a good working body and compatible lenses without alignment issues, along with how you actually use the gear. There are many photographic scenarios which do little to tax the capabilities of the 7D with large contrasty subjects or with little movement in directions that challenge the AF. In those scenarios, you will find that the 7D does a pretty good job with its AF. Another areas to consider, is how well does it handle noise at high ISO? In my experience with two 7D bodies, the high ISO nose was handled differently on each body. The second body, was much worse with horrendous horizontal bands that the first body never exhibited.
Why I took the time to disagree, was that it is stated here that the Nikons don't compare. I disagree because I have observed first hand from several different users utilizing the older Nikon D300 and 300/4 from Nikon, far superior results then what could be achieved with the 7D and 300/2.8 or 400/5.6 from Canon. The Nikon D300 continued to provide more accurate and consistent focus with far more keepers for the birds-in-flight we were doing. Nikon chose to put a first-class AF in cheaper bodies, only something Canon has been forced to do in their new fullframe 5DIII and 6D models. Its very likely you will see a vastly improved AF in the 7D replacement, (the 7DII ??) something that should have been there with the first 7D model.
For most, I have no hesitation recommending a 7D, but really, for most a Rebel version with a similar sensor could do just as well.
There's a lot of fanatical rah-rah on this forum and anyone who dares to stand up and say anything negative about someone's pet 7D will be verbally lambasted...

Ditto to all thats been said here,7D is a great camera and i recently purchased one for Birding and reach that my 5D2 couldnt quite reach but in all honesty as much as i like the 7D i find the noise level with Birding quite dissapointing at times.

Easy to manage as previouse said??, yes sometimes and other times i just couldnt be bothered nad just ditch the shot..

As for being in a class of its own?? wouldnt know as i havent played much with other systems exept Pentax but not for Birding. I do believe that Nikon brands arrre just as good and would like to know who was making camera systems first?? Nikon or Canon ??.

Read plent of comment where one sez you either got a good copy ior a bad copy and quite disspointed with such comments as i believe every copy or most every copy should be equal especially for the amount of && people fork out for a Canon or Nikon brand especially as these two are mostly on top of the affordable food chain for most.

Cann and Nikons quallity control should be equal in what they send out to be placed on the shelf!!..

If i fork out twwo n a halfe to four grand on a camera and lens i should expext it to perform within my capaillities without having to send it back for fine tuning etc because i may have recieved a bad copy..

My two bobs worth anyway:)..

Appologise for all the spelling errors:)

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