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I have not got a clue. It could be a sign of the desperate straits of the camera retailers burdened with the cost of retail premises who have to sell at the recommended price having to compete with giant internet companies working from tax havens and paying no tax on profits.

The recommended price must be set by Canon surely? I think there is a general consensus on this forum that the Canon G15 is overpriced in Europe, but as always seems to be the case, it is even more overpriced in Britain. Twenty years ago the motor industry had this same 'Treasure Island' approach to car pricing in the UK which led to dozens of companies being set up that imported thousands of 'grey' vehicles into the UK, and which eventually made the car manufacturers reduce prices to compete. Perhaps competition like that is needed in the camera industry? In the short term this might be hard on UK companies but when (as I mentioned in my first post in this thread) Amazon UK increase the price of the G12 by £60 overnight between Sunday 16th and Monday 17th December (Why, for heaven's sake?) the customer has to start thinking about his own best interests.

Do you remember the net book agreement. It was legal for the book retailers to agree prices amongst themselves to set book prices. I remember buying programming books whose £ price was always a tiny amount less than the $ number for decency's sake. It is uncanny how similar the current pricing with cameras in the current free market with cartels not allowed is to books in the controlled market. Not exactly similar in that the UK big figure in the free market for cameras is often now much larger than the $ figure. What a strange world we live in that a controlled market can supply goods far cheaper than a freely competitive market.

The abolition of the net book agreement has devastated the book trade in the UK. And interestingly book sales have not increased since its abolition which is not what the government intended at all. Perhaps fine if you are happy to be just able to get the top 20 titles from Asda and to get anything else from Amazon but if you value your local bookshop you probably already have to have sadly said goodbye to it. Of course once Amazon's competition has been annihilated then they can charge you whatever they like.

If you apply this model to the camera trade you will eventually have no local resource where you can handle products and get advice. Is that what you want?

What is it that is unique about Britain that we have to charge double the price that they do in the US to maintain the presence of shops. I presume from your logic that looking at their pricing that there are no physical shops in the US and trade is entirely internet. The net book agreement was an indefensible bit of nonsense and if that level of artificial protection is needed for any trader they are doomed anyhow. Promoting sales in a particular sector by trying to ring fence inflated prices is only going to work in a rigorously controlled society. Russia tried it and it did not work.

Generally we do not pay double the price of the USA - usually we pay in £ what the US pay in $. Yes that is certainly very annoying if you are a UK customer but unfortunately the overheads of a UK retailer are significantly higher than those of his US counterpart. Check out the relative costs of business rates, property rentals, fuel, etc., etc. if you want to. Also you need to factor in the UK's 20% VAT rate. But if you like to think there is some kind of conspiracy going on by the manufacturers then you will be disappointed.

This thread is about the G15 which is pricing at a higher number than the nominal US$ figure.

That'll come down more in line with other products after Christmas.

I am sure it will. Sometimes in the UK we get good end of line prices. I was pretty happy with the EPM1 twin lens kit at £299 from Jessops.

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