D700 users who have bought D600 - Thoughts and comments?

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Re: D700 users who have bought D600 - Thoughts and comments?
In reply to D Knisely, Dec 22, 2012

D Knisely wrote:

I need to understand this better because I like the way the D300/D700 are set up. Perhaps I am just used to it, but I like the dedicated contorls and the ease that I can switch between different focus methods.

The AF mode switch is quite different, but I find it works well and is just as intuitive. The D700 AF mode selection is also quite convenient.

I LOVE U1/U2 settings banks, which don't every accidentally change (unlike Dx00 settings banks and Canon C* modes). I set U1 to my general purpose A-mode setup and can transition to most other modes of operation with direct changes (e.g., turning on/off Auto-ISO is now trivial, but required menus on the D700). U2 is set for my UWA street shooting settings (hip shooting) and does double duty as a "safe" setup for handing the camera to somebody else to make snapshots.

I'll have to work with it. Sounds as if D600 AF controls are more than up to the task, just different.

Re the U1/U2 settings, this is mentioned repeatedly so must be a step forward. To be honest, I have never really liked the way the Picture Controls worked on D300/D700. You have to go into the menus and always rechecking to ensure I hadn't changed something.

D600 is just as fast and responsive on all lens types in my experience (D and G). The lenses are the bottlenecks.

Thanks for clarifying. I have read that in lab tests the D700 was a tad quicker but this may be something that can only be discerned/measured in controlled settings, not a factor in actual use.

3) The grip is a little less comfortable than the D700/800/etc. Not a showstopper, but noticeable.

I've heard mixed reports. Both D300 and D700 just fit my hands. No fatigue after extended periods of carrying.

The D700 grip fits my hand perfectly. I find the D600 creates a little tension, but it is not a big deal. It might be a problem for extended event shooting, but I have not done that with the D600 yet.

This probably varies from user to user.  However, D600 enjoys the decided weight advantage.  Not something that would push a buying decision one way or other unless you are a working pro focused on event shooting where you are handling the camera for hours at a time on a regular basis.

Are you saying that now after using the D600? Or, from the standpoint that the D700 met your needs and no need for a change (other than your interest in an ILC)?

Yes, the D700 meets my needs. For landscape, I can always get resolution with panoramas quite easily. The software is so good that it is almost effortless, and I find that I'm frequently capturing for panos with the D600 anyway just to get the perspective that I want with the lenses that I have along. 12 MPixels is enough for 24"x36" and the technique gets tedious to get sharp enough to utilize the 24 MPixels. I'm still glad the resolution is there for when I want it, but it is not essential.

If my D700 were still alive, I would wait for mirrorless to mature before making a major purchase, but I love the D600.

I hope the annoying dust problem wears off. It is definitely real and I am certainly getting tired of retouching (typically 30-50 spots if I stop down). The upper left hand corner typically ensures the spots are clearly visible in the sky as well. I need to clean my sensor carefully and see if the problem is getting better, but haven't taken the time. I have not yet wet-cleaned. Blowing removes most of it for me.


I am hoping that my sample does not exhibit the oil/dust problems but have accepted that it may just be part of owning a D600. I am very conscientious about lens changing and have only had to provide a blast of air to keep the sensors on my cameras in working order (yes, some minor specs are permanent but not apparent unless you are pixel peeping or have very flat backgrounds). Guess I will need to learn how to clean with wet swabs and the like. Maybe a good thing as I will probably go through all my gear now.

My camera has arrived but is still sitting in the original box....my wife is making me wait for Xmas morning. Can't really complain. Over the 30+ years we have been married, she has "tolerated" and even encouraged this obsession (but is becoming more insistent that sell something when upgrading...wish I was better at this...I still have a CP 995, CP 8700).

Thank you once again for sharing your personal experiences and taking the time to answer so thoroughly.

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