exactly where we were

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exactly where we were

leader of the House John Bohener tried to get a compromise through today - he wanted to stop taxes from increasing on the vast majority of us by putting through a bill that would only let the tax increase hit those making over 1 million dollars

they had to call off the vote because he couldn't get enough votes from his fellow republicans

all of you democrats that thought the conservative republicans would just cave on their principals if Obama was reelected seem to have been wrong - it would seem they will not agree to any tax increase

heck even if they had passed it Reid said he would never let it come to a vote in the senate and Obama vowed to veto it and let the taxes go up on everyone if it did pass.

the House did manage to pass a bill that tries to fix the drastic spending cuts, but without even seeing exactly what it says Obama and Reid have also vowed that it will never come to a vote

there is no compromise any more - Obama and Reid want 100% of what they ask for - the right can bend and give and make offers, but if Reid and Obama dont get 100% the answer is always a veto threat and Reid refusing to bring it to a vote

we are screwed - 4 more years of nothing getting done and what little they do will just be kicking the can down the road as our economy goes down the toilet

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