Dust on sensor, m43 vs SLRs

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Re: Dust on sensor, m43 vs SLRs

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:


I see less dust on my M43 sensors than any of mt DSLRs, and I have many. I think it's because there's no flapping mirror in there making wind and moving things around.


Call me crazy. I happen to like photos of cats.

I dunno...at least with a DSLR, the shutter is closed when you change lenses, unlike an m43 body.

But no one has mentioned the corollary to Olympus' very effective dust removal system: if you do get dust on the sensor, you're supposed to bring it into a service center because, apparently, doing a wet clean of the membrane is a no-no.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually damaged their m43 by doing a wet clean.

My D300 DSLR gets dust on the sensor maybe once a year, or less.  Doing a wet clean is a painless and quick process.  I'd kind of like to have that option on my m43 cameras, just in case.

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