D700 users who have bought D600 - Thoughts and comments?

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Re: D700 users who have bought D600 - Thoughts and comments?
In reply to ohcello, Dec 19, 2012

ohcello wrote:

I just upgraded from the D700 to the D600 and only have a short time so far with the D600. Here are my observations so far:

1) Size - Much smaller, but the grip is still substantial enough for average hand I think. After a few hours I didn't notice it... in a good way.

Expect no less.  Nikon's ergonomics have always set them apart and would expect the D600 to feel good in the hand.

2) AF - Speed and accuracy in low light seem about the same. I have done no formal testing, but I was not ever waiting for the D600 with my 50mm f/1.8 or even slow zooms. D700 might be better in ultra low light, but I have not tested that.

Supposedly the D700 has an advantage here but wonder if it is meaningful in actual use.  What I mean is some times the only way differences are detected is in a labotory test environment.

3) Shutter sound - OOOOOO NICE!... so much smoother and quieter than the D700

Interesting but never was put off by the D700.

4) Auto ISO - Nice having that feature now that it can adjust for focal length.... and you can set it up 'normal' or 'fast' or 'slow'... so when you zoom to 200mm, it would go to 1/200 in normal and 1/400 in fast, etc.

5) Screen - A tiny bit larger.... very nice

6) Focus points... yes much tighter bunched... up to you if that's a big issue... not for me as you have more to crop with with 24MP

The 51 point array on the D300 and D700 one of the strong selling points of the cameras.  Saying that, unless I am shooting a moving subject, I use single focus point and recompose as needed.

But this raises the question of AF speed under normal circumstances.  Both my pro level AF-S lenses and screw drive legacy lens pop into focus with the D700, even faster than the D300.  Not sure why that is so with the AF-S lenses because they have their own micro motors but assume  the differences with legacy screw drive lenses are due to the in-body focusing motor of the D700 has a higher torque.  How does the D600 compare in that regard?

7) Body - I'm not a pro so I don't need a steel tank like the D700 is... but yes, the D700 feels more solid for sure.

Expect the D700 to be more durable but if you don't intend to abuse the camera, should not be an issue.

8) IMAGE QUALITY - Ok here is the big factor... and the D600 kills it.... so much finer grain structure when downsized to 12MP. Much more detail, and for me... I'm able to shoot with diffused flash at ISO 800 and end up with just as noise-free an image as ISO400 on the D700.... that is huge for my type of shooting as now I can shoot with slower lenses with a diffused flash and get very smooth noise-free results.

High ISO is about one full stop difference I have found... and just much more detail, especially when you have to crop.

Here is one available light shot at ISO3200, through Lightroom 4 then NeatImage... as you can see it cleans up very nice and I really didn't have to do much NR on this one as it's pretty well lit.

This should be an area where the D600 excels.  I have looked at the various tests and the level of detail and DR available appears to be significantly better.  Couple that with an added stop, makes shooting at 2000+ possible without a lot of PP.  I have always felt the D300 really topped out around 800 iso and 1600-2000 iso on the D700.  Yes you can shoot higher but need to switch to RAW and ready to go into PS to do some clean up.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and posting the picture of your son.

D600, ISO3200, 50mm f/1.8 @ f/2.2 - Through Lightroom and NeatImage

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