Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?
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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

No, and yes - sort of. This week, shocking myself in the process, I decided not to take delivery of a unit I had on order.

My dealer in Portland, Oregon (no state sales tax, a good dealer I've bought cameras from in the past), finally got their stock - I've asked them to give up the product reserved for me to the next person waiting in line.

If so... what lead you to this conclusion?

Almost 100% attributable to Nervous Nellyism.

While following the discussions here and in other forums about certain RX1 issues I decided that I did not want to purchase the camera from a remote retailer in the U.S. in case my unit happened to suffer from lens de-centering or other issues that have been reported.

This year we've seen Canon and Nikon and Sony all have issues with their newer full frame cameras. Is that a sign of the growing complexity of these cameras or of something else?
While I always consider the out of country warranty hassle factor when buying from a remote retailer and am usually willing to live with that potential, when reports started surfacing of a few RX1 problems here and there it seemed the risk of potential warranty return was rising and for that reason alone it felt prudent to me to hold off a bit. Had I left my original mid-September order live with Sony Canada, I'm quite sure I would have taken delivery regardless - it's just the cross-border warranty return hassle factor that weighed on me.
For now I'm going to sit on my hands and perhaps order from a local dealer or Sony Canada depending on what the issue picture looks like after the holidays.
What I've seen of the camera from photographers I know who have received theirs and are busy doing good work, I love. Some of the user experiences reported here have highlighted minor things that might annoy me too, but on balance, the camera capability and output is just outstanding.
While I'm sitting on my hands I'm going to continue to pay attention to the RX1 but also am having a another hard look at my other equipment, how I've been using it, and what I'd like to do going forward. I'm wanting to see if I come to the same conclusions now that I don't have a commitment to purchase the RX1 in the back of my mind. So far the only firm conclusion that I've come to is that I'm not wholly satisfied with the tool I use the most.

good move.

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