How would you spend $850?

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Some ideas.
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$850, including the E-PL5, leaves you $250. I would have two options: the PL14 or the 40-150.

One gives you a fast wide angle but in a focal length already available to you with the kit, the other gives you a decent zoom in a focal range that gives you telephoto.

The kit lens and the 40-150 aren't underwhelming; they are, in fact, very good lenses given that they are kit lenses. The 14-42 is actually a nice little lens that is very compact when stowed. The 40-150 is a great little telephoto and with IBIS and the Sony sensor in the E-PL5 you will not have a major issue with low light -- you will only be compromising on the depth of field limitations due to the slow glass.

Now if you are saying $850 on top of the E-PL5, then you have options:

1. 9-18 and 40-150: complete focal range domination.

Those were my first two expansions to the E-PL2 and with a focal range of 9 through 150 I was very well kitted out for vacation. This gives you versatility in a very small package at $900 MSRP (pretty sure you can find a few discounts to get it below your budget).

2. PL25 and M.Z45.M.Z60: fast standard to tele primes.
I would get the PL25 over the PL20 unless you want a pancake (or you prefer 20mm) if you want a fast standard prime. Also, the PL20 is known to be a slow focuser, which may not be a problem for you but it is an issue for some. The 45mm gives you an excellent bang for buck portrait prime or the 60 gives you macro. Again $900 MSRP but you can probably find small discounts to get it below $850.
3. PL14 and PL25: fast wide to standard primes.
The PL14 gives you a fast wide. The PL25 is as mentioned. A bargain as even if the PL25 is $500-550 you'll find the PL14 on eBay for under $200.
4. M.Z12: ultra-wide prime.
Basically a matter of preference. Do you want an $800 fast ultra-wide angle over anything else? Or...
5. 9-18 and PL14: the affordable wide angle kit.
You get a fast wide but you also get to cover the wide angle with the affordable yet excellent 9-18. $800-900.
6. 40-150 and a prime (PL25, M.Z45 or M.Z60 macro).
If you get one of the Zuikos you could probably swing the PL14 on eBay and still be on budget.
Basically, you have a lot of great options with $850 for lenses, but not much of anything if that includes the price of the camera.
Also, you could swap the PL14 for the M.Z17 f/2.8 if you prefer that focal length and are okay with the slightly slower glass.
As mentioned, I went with option 1, then started working on prime lens acquisition later when I figured out what focal lengths I tended to use. So far I got the PL14 (too good a deal) and recently the PL25. I'm eyeing the M.Z60 now and will be very keen on the rumored 300mm f/4.
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