The 75 f1.8 is too long for Street! Isn't it? Is it?

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The 75 f1.8 is too long for Street! Isn't it? Is it?

Hi Forum,

This has probably been discussed before.  You have read the reviews.  Great lens.  Perhaps overpriced.  And perhaps equal in focal length to a 150mm with that 2x crop factor, this lens may be too long and impractical for Street work.

Having bought my EM5 with the 45mm f.1.8, I should have known better that using the 75f1.8 would be a greater challenge.

One common difficulty is having to step back far enough to frame your shots, which means giving more space for people to pass between you and your subject.  This may be a problem in a Market for example.

In the example below, I had to stand behind a few heads; standing back any further to get the whole instrument in frame would have meant giving my spot away to my competition of fellow photographers.

Victoria Market, Melbourne

To get the whole man into frame, I had to step back some 8 metres, which meant having to stand on the road, keeping my eye on traffic while shooting.

Northcote, Melbourne.  The Salesman never Stops

Thornbury.  When the Owners Leave.

Even more difficult is shooting in busy streets, such is this shot in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne during the Christmas shopping rush. The two shots below however show the advantages of having a mid telephoto such as the 75.  Great for isolating your subjects.  Aim long enough at your subjects and you can even get some eye contact such as with the singing men below and the girl with that spinning wheel.

TChristmas Carols at Swanston St. Melbourne

Lucky Draw Wheel on Burke St. Mall, Melbourne, Australia

The Performer, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A Spy in the Trees. Federation Square, Melbourne.

So here you are, with enough discipline, the 75 may just be fine for Street Photography.  And not to forget, shooting at f1.8 is so much fun.

But are these really street shots in the first place being that they are so tightly framed without a hint of Street in sight?

Cheers and have a great Christmas.  Feel free to comment and share your own experiences with this otherwise great lens.


Ps: B&W conversions done with NIK Software.

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