It's stupid to outlaw guns...

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Jim Cockfield
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It's stupid to outlaw guns...

I don't normally participate in controversial threads like the ones I'm seeing here.

But, I'm shocked at how naive most people are about guns.

There are already enough guns in the U.S. so that every man, woman and child could have one.

So, if they're outlawed, then only the criminals are going to have them (they're certainly not going to turn them in and abide by the laws), leaving law abiding citizens unprotected.

If anything, the gun laws need to be relaxed, making sure teachers, security guards, principals, etc. have a way to protect the kids against some crazy person.

Instead, we have "gun free zones" now.    That only helps to prevent law abiding citizens from having guns in those areas (like schools), not "nut cases" that want to kill people.

As a result, a school is an easy target for those types of people, because they know that they will meet no armed resistance and can kill lots of people before the police arrive and stop them.

As for so called Assault Weapons.  Hogwash.   A crazy person could just as easily use a shotgun, revolver, or even a bolt action rifle to do the same thing, as police are not going to arrive in time to stop someone like that from killing lots of people, even if they need to reload between shots.

For that matter, a Car, Truck, SUV or lots of other things could be used to accomplish the same thing -- for example, driving a vehicle through a crowd at many types of events.

Going to a school is just easier for someone wanting to kill a lot of people, since there isn't going to be anyone there to stop them, thanks to "gun free zones" that criminals are going to ignore and law abiding citizens will honor (resulting in no way to protect the kids from someone that's not going to abide by laws anyway).

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