Laptop: Better to have 32gb SSDR mSATA?

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Henry Richardson
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Crucial m4 mSATA SSD

Richard wrote:

Either way you do it, you cache your 1tb drive, you will have the option of using 18gb of your ssd/mssd or 64 (I would use 64gb) then you would have 60 somthing gb drive for windows left in which to put your your LR DB or Photoshop cache on (and your page file). If you use the maximum performance mode Write Back cache, you your 1tb drive will seem as fast as any SSD in read and write modes. Data loss is minimal because as long as the 1tb drive is available, even if the unit is powered down, the write data is located on the SSD and is written to the 1tb drive when the system is brought back up.

I am set to order a Crucial m4 mSATA SSD and do as you suggest.  I want to use part of it as a cache for my 1tb hd and part to put my LR 4.3 catalog/previews.  I think I won't bother trying to install Win8 on an SSD since my boot and shutdown times are pretty good already and it just sounds like more trouble then I want to go to for a small advantage.

Understand how it works

Thanks for that info.  It says that Intel Smart Response allows me to choose 18.6gb or the full size of the SSD up to a maximum of 64gb.  I have read elsewhere that anything over 4 * ram size for the cache is not useful.  I have 8gb so 32gb would be fine, I guess.  With a 128gb SSD the choices are 18.6gb or 64gb.  Sort of a strange way for Intel to do it, but it is what it is, I suppose.  Intel will force me to use 64gb for the cache even though 32gb would be better.

My LR catalog + previews are currently 36gb (catalog = 500mb).  I have the LR catalog configured to have standard previews of 1440 pixels, quality medium, and automatically discard 1:1 previews after 30 days (I think these are all the defaults).  After using 64gb of the SSD for the cache that should leave something less than 64gb for the SSD drive so my LR stuff should fit on it with a little space left.

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