2013 Nikon Lens Predictions

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Vera Cognome
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2013 Nikon Lens Predictions

Since lenses are very much a "horses for courses" item, I decided to handicap the possible 2013 "winners" in a similar style.  There are no odds-on favorites this year, but here goes anyway....

Fighting for the money:

2-1: An updated 16-85mm.  Same odds as Nikon coughing up a D400.  By this time next year, we'll know if Nikon has relegated DX to the "look at my kids" market.

3-1: 105mm and 135mm VR primes in the f/1.8-f/2.0 range.  Say farewell to DC, a "hope for the best" holdover from the film era.

4-1: An 80-400mm replacement (any xx-400 or xx-500 f/5.6 VR).  Eventually, Nikon should ask why it has trouble moving the old model when Sigma and Canon don't have the same problem.  But my guess is that this shows up in 2014.

4-1: An updated 180mm f/3.5 or 200mm f/4 Micro.

4-1: A 300mm f/4 VR.  The Canon catalog remains the best predictor of future Nikon offerings.

6-1: 20mm f/1.8.

7-1: A 17mm PC-E lens.  Canon has one but a little geek-bird told me that the Nikon mount is "wrong" for this lens.

9-1: A 50mm or 58mm f/1.2.  Ditto on the geek-bird.


12-1: 17-55mm f/2.8 VR.  Only on the list because Canon makes one.

15-1: A 100-300mm f/4 AF-S VR,  Canon ain't got one, Sigma swung and missed with theirs.

15-1: A 24-70mm f/2.8 VR.  2014 at the soonest.

20-1: A 70-200mm f/2.8 VR-III.  2014 at the soonest.

20-1: Any new DX prime.

Prop Bets:
1-20: Within 3 days of the next Nikon lens announcement, someone posts to this forum complaining about the announced price.

1-50: Within 3 days of the next Nikon lens announcement, someone posts here complaining about the insufficient Nano coating, lack of VR-II, lack of ED or Super ED glass, or filter ring size.

1-999: Within 3 days of the next Nikon lens announcement, someone posts here complaining that Nikon didn't announce a previously rumored lens.

Nikon D40
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