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Citizen with concealed weapon stopped mall gunman

Started Dec 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Citizen with concealed weapon stopped mall gunman
In reply to Princess Leia, Dec 17, 2012

Princess Leia wrote:

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Leo360 wrote:

Princess Leia wrote:

There are more, way more law abiding and responsible citizens carrying guns than crazy madmen like school killer Adam Lanza. Do not crucify these law abiding citizens by taking their rights to own or carry guns!


Shortly after Virginia Tech massacre


I heard on the radio (I think it was NPR but I am not sure) an interview with a retired special forces officer who was an expert on the close-quarter armed combat. Very fascinating perspective! Basically, he said that if the students or/and faculty at the Virginia Tech were armed there would had been several times more casualties. And he gave very detailed reasoning behind his assessment. From my memory it goes as follows: Let say each student and teacher has a gun (in open so that to deter any potential shooter in first place). Now in a classroom one hears shots being fired. In a modern concrete building sound travels far and in a complex way. Nobody can say for sure where the shots are coming from, who and how many people are firing and what weapon(s) are being fired. The students draw their own guns, exit the rooms and find themselves in hallways mighty confused with no command/control and no way to tell friend from a foe. Any minor mistake can trigger massive and senseless gun fight. This is why in military they have vertical command/control, communications are paramount and last but not least the uniforms or any other way to tell friend from a foe on face-to-face encounter.

Then there was the case in NY last August where trained police officers managed to hit 9 bystanders while taking out a guy who had been fired and shot one of his former co-workers in a crowded area. Fortunately none of the 9 were actually killed. I can only imagine what would have happened if a bunch of armed civilians had got into the fray as well.

This is precisely my point. It is funny but talking to many from the "pro-gun" crowd I got the feeling that they actually never fired a real gun in their life. Go figure


Leo, I guess you don't own a gun since you don't know the process to own a gun the US. You need to apply at the Sheriff's office to buy a guy, apply permit to carry a gun, pass a background check, pass a written and shooting range tests etc. We have to know the state laws where we reside and other state laws when we need to cross to another state etc. You see not all gun owners are cowboys that shoot from hip!

No shooting range tests for a long rifle permit in the NY State. Recently, we had couple of trained police officers shot (not fatally) 9 bystanders while trying to get an armed perpetrator who accidentally did not even fire at them. I can only imagine what carnage one gets if everyone in NYC carries a gun. "Escape from New York", anyone


P.S. BTW, I do have some limited military training (boot camp).

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