Vast is Castile (hesitating)

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Hi, sorry if I didn't reply before, I was quite busy on the weekend. Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's really really appreciated!!

Here are my answers and this evening I will try to post the third part of the series, devoted to the city of Avila.

viking79 wrote:

Very nice shots! Why upgrade if you are happy with the results?

The advantage to the NX1000 is you get more flexibility. You can get cleaner images in lower light, use different lenses, etc. If you don't want/need that flexibility, the convenience of something like the EX1 is really nice

Hi, thank you. The strenght of one camera is the weakness of the othe other and viceversa. The NX1000 can use different lenses, has a swallow DOF, has a lot more pixels if you have to crop... on the other hand, the EX1 has everything you need in a small package, you don't have to worry about lenses (carrying them or changing them). I do, however, carry a small waistbag with some filters for the EX-1.

ac146 wrote:


Some amazing shots. What a place to visit!!

You didn't post the shots from your NX.

If perhaps the way that you visualize a scene is the way that the EX1 'sees', then maybe you should ....

Replace your NX with that 18mm wide angle attachment they sell for the EX 1or 2.

Your first shot looked like it was begging for a wider view.

Hi ac, thanks. I don't have the NX yet, I'm just considering buying it :-). One of the reasons I'm seriously considering the NX1000 is the new 12-24, and also the 16mm, which makes the NX1000 a really small camera with a lot of power. I also considered buying some converter for the camera (I already own the kiwi adapter), but the APSC sensor has some added (and important!) benefits.

Thank you, I thing the Aranjuez series is my best one so far, the scenery, the weather and the camera all played together to make it possible

simontramper wrote:

Superb shots thanks for sharing

But truth is the NX20 has everything I look for on a body (of a camera): flip screen, integrated flash, EVF, AMOLED screen...

Almost exactly my thoughts. The ISO advantage is not that great if you compare the kit lens to the EX1. So my selection of lenses would be 12-24, 16 (size matters!), and the kit lens (I can't find a body only option in Spain). The reason to buy the NX1000 instead of the 20 is mainly the price: the NX1000 is now 300€ with the kit lens, the 20 is much more expensive. So the 1000 is a cheap way of using the NX lenses while waiting for newer bodies to come (even if I don't buy the newest one, the NX20 should be then more affordable).

MGJA wrote:

It's not only that. The EX1 lens really is excellent, far above the kit lenses you'll get with any ICL camera. You need to spend real money to get something similar - for NX 30 and 60 seem to be similarly awesome, but that's quite a lot of money, and no zoom at all. Add a reasonable wide-angle from the get go and EX1 is a tasty proposition indeed. Now, if someone offered me a deal on the NX20 (I've grown accustomed to the flip screen for trick shots) with a 12-24/30/60 combo for cash that didn't match a decently non-battered clunker, I'm sure I'd enjoy that sensor.

They are, however, cropped (I do that a lot, that's why the 20MP of the NX1000 sound so good to me).

Yep, sorry, I forgot to mention I PP almost all of my pics using an old version of Alien Skin Exposure. I think the only OOC pics here are the one with the leaves, the children, the arches, the church interior and both night shots.

brianj wrote:

These certainly have some style, how are you PP these?


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