Banning or eliminating guns in America

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More pearls from our Mensa member....
In reply to Mentor_1, Dec 16, 2012

Mentor_1 wrote:

Well Photofan, I appreciate all the info you posted but I am here in serious protest of the shooting, the murder of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown CT. Americans and their guns are out of control and it seems that they are determined to stay out of control. That said, you may also kiss my rosy red rectum. Whatever you think means ZERO to me and probably several billion others. Now kiss off as I am not here to make fiends, only noise.

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Pretty much the expected reply, and even more revealing of your intellect, character, and respect  for others.

You might cut and paste your pithy response as a discussion subject at your next Mensa meeting.

(Also, your response supports the stereotype of Mensa members described in the article)

I hope that you are more than "in protest" of the Connecticut shootings.

I would also hope that you would be more  than "in protest"  of the 70 killed in the Norway shooting.


A country ranking 11th out 179 countries in per capita in private gun ownership (Canada ranks 13th; U.S. 1)

Where gun legal ownership is granted by declared use rather than a Right (in Canada it's neither a Right, nor is declaration of use a criteria).

Canada's statistics are close to Norway's. Does that mean that Canadians near equal risk for a mass shooting? Are course not. There are many other factors involved.

A greater percentage of murders in Canada happen with knives compared to the U.S. Does that mean Canadians should outlaw knives? Of course not.

I'm fully aware that U.S. bashing is almost a hobby for a small, but vocal number of Canadians, particularly those who are content to criticze the U.S. rather than improve their own country.

Sounds tiringly reminiscent of "Blame Bush".


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