Really Right Stuff BDP2 Set: (for Sigma DP2M) Photos

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Richard Franiec
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Re: Really Right Stuff BDP2 Set: (for Sigma DP2M) Photos

Framer wrote:

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Framer wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Framer wrote:


It's worth every penny, the camera feels like a weapon with the L-plate and grip mounted. That's just an added bonus though, I bought it for improved ergonomics which it definitely helps with. I will use this camera mostly (95% of the time) on a tripod but the grip will be nice for times that I don't.

The great thing about either of the grips is that they also are tripod plates, at least for RRS plates (although I believe both are also Arca compatible). Even though I shot on tripod a fair amount I like the grip because it makes the choice easy.

Good number of people already have tripod plates. The plates are not necessarily compatible with Arca standards. Simple or dedicated plate can be used with any camera there is. Here is my rig using Gitzo plate. I can use it with any camera I own(ed) or I can stash it away for the time when I need it.:

Sure, there are lots of different proprietary 'standards' for tripod plates out there. Manfrotto, Slik, Gitzo, <insert department store brand here> etc. Most of the time they don't work with each other.

Arca-Swiss is a standard that is used my many different manufacturers such as Arca-Swiss, Really Right Stuff, Kirk, Acratech, Markins, Sunwayfoto and many others. Almost all of the time, they work interchangeably (the RRS lever clamp being an exception sometimes). I can take my camera off tripod (Acratech head) and stick it on a ground-pod (Sunwayfoto head) without having to worry about a different clamp system needing a different plate. I used to run into that situation when using Manfrotto and Slik equipment.

Also, the Gitzo plates are prone to twisting which can be an issue when moving the camera in pano setup and other similar situations. You do realize what an L-plate is for correct?

If you want to stick with your multi-use plate, that's great, but don't think there isn't a reason for these custom plates being made/used.

I understand the purpose of I or L plates. They just replicate tripod socket after all.

The real point of this exercise is if you really need the whole system to get better "grip" on the camera when you already have your tripod arrangements in place?

Here is the illustration (if I'm lucky this time LOL):

Standard plates, including Gitzo, are fine for most cameras, even the heavy ones. What would be compelling reason to go for another custom plate (and the new tripod head) if one already have one which works?

Just curious


Personally, I just buy the plates for each camera for the reasons I mentioned above. I buy them when I get the camera and they just stay attached, ready to go.

I can see that you use quality stuff in your set ups.

Quality is often addictive. Having said that, in my opinion, RRS made product is exemplary in terms of design and execution. I'm not at all surprised that once you try it, you come back for more. Well deserved recognition and trust in the brand.

On the same token, why get a custom 'stick-on' grip for each camera if you can get generic grips on Ebay for much less and will work with pretty much any camera?

Indeed. The wonderful thing is to have choices. If you think about it, it is amazing that the "niche" cameras like DPMerrills have such great assortment of aftermarket accessories available with more to come.



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