Product shots - need recommendation for mid-range kit

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Kenneth Sloan Regular Member • Posts: 384
Product shots - need recommendation for mid-range kit

I need to set up an environment to take boring product shots. I'm looking for specific product recommendations (in particular, tent+lights)

Objects - (mostly white) plastic models produced by a 3D printer. Size ranges from 1" cube to 8"x8"x12" maximum size.

Camera - Olympus E-500 w/ two kit lenses (I take handheld shots now, mostly at 14mm) for vanilla work. If necessary, I can use a 50mm macro on either the E-500 or an E-30. Or...just about anything you care to recommend... I use the E-500 and kit lens now because that's what I can spare to leave in the lab and not miss it. Most shots are for web use (occasionally I want higher quality, and bring in the "good stuff").

Tripod - several kicking around - I don't really think I need help here - and certainly don't want any of the mini-desk-top tripods illustrated at Amazon that look too flimsy to stabilize an iPhone.

Tent + lights - HERE'S WHERE I NEED A RECOMMENDATION. If absolutely necessary, I can find space for a permanent setup - but it would be preferable to do a temporary setup on a shared tabletop/workbench. Portability would be a small plus - but I'd rather have "heavy and storable" rather than "flimsy but fits in a backpack". Background needs to be "anything EXCEPT white" (I think).

I expect to take perhaps 50-100 shots per year (1 or two per week). If I find a permanent space for this setup, it might attract more use. The extra use might be "bring your own camera" and even "bring your own tripod".

I have been doing this by using a convenient bare desktop near a window and shooting hand-held- but now I want more predictable light (and color balance).

Browsing the usual retail sources reveals a wide variety of setups - but most of the emphasis seems to be on the very low end. I don't really need dirt cheap and flimsy. On the other hand, I don't really need "industrial strength". Just something middle of the road that will do the job with as little muss and fuss as possible.

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-Kenneth Sloan

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