Very disappointed with Canon T4i (650D) - over-exposed/washed out pictures

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Re: V.disappointed T4i (650D) washed out pictures INDICATES inexperience and incorrect assumptions
In reply to alan e jones, Dec 13, 2012

alan e jones wrote:


You are not alone in thinking the 650 D tends to overexpose

i recently purchased a 650 D and found the same...the 650D tended to overexpose

when i took indenticle shots on my 5d2 they were exposed normally the same shots on the 650D

were overexposed the HDR didn't work as blew out the highlights ie overexposure

I sent it back to Canon ..they returned it saying it was within specification....

I again corresponded with Canon that it overexposed and the head tech wanted to look at it personally

The result was that its within spec BUT they have adjusted the exposure system for me

i asked him how much they adjusted it heres his reply

Hi Alan.

Just under ¾’s of a stop. I think it works well. The difference between us doing this and you simply setting it permanently to – ¾ EV is that HDR mode is also affected. I think you will find that the highlights in HDR mode are now much less blown out (At the expense of shadow detail of course) The other point to remember is that if you send your camera in for a major repair, it will likely be set back to factory standard. We have noted that we have made the adjustment but it is entirely possible that a technician could overlook the note. It would pay to mention it if you are ever unlucky enough to have to send it to us.


Thats pretty good personal service form canon it arrives back tomorrow so i look forward to testing it



This kind of confirms that this isn't entirely my fault as many others in the thread have noted.  I am taking a high degree of blame for not adjusting settings before hand... but I am still of the belief that even though the 650D is a fairly expensive camera with a multitude of settings to control the picture taking experience... that this camera at "minimum" I should be able to turn the camera on, potentially set it to Auto/Landscape/Sports or other, and expect to get a half-decent picture as opposed to overexposed pictures in these modes.   There are many times in the picture taking experience where we "don't" have the luxury of playing with settings for a couple of minutes before taking a picture and previewing how changing those settings are affecting the final outcome of that photo.  Something immediate which is happening now, and only for a few seconds (an animal runs across the path in front of you)... and you want that picture... a person doesn't have a couple of minutes of luxury time to view/review and change a bunch of settings.  In this particular case, you'd want the camera to be as much of a point-and-shot as possible, and that you won't get an overexposed picture.

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