Very disappointed with Canon T4i (650D) - over-exposed/washed out pictures

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LOOK HERE:... ur JPG images still have enough to recover (aggressive shift to LOW contrast/Gamma)
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ur JPG images still have enough to recover (aggressive shift to LOW contrast Negative (-48/127)/Gamma 0.52/1.0) to properly 'see' that your (Rebel default) contrast settings were to 'contrasty' and exposure only SLIGHTLY too high (EV +1/3 to +2/3 at most)

the rock wall is fine, the sandy ground is fine except a few spots 'blown' (no data)

the beach sand here is fine BUT does indicate slight 'blown' spotty areas which means slight over-exposure

the south facing wall of the ruins is fine, except slight hint of over-exposure

the brightly lit a-shape building facade is clearly 'blown' as well as the bright skies , slight over-exposure and WRONG 'default' hi-contrast settings used throughout your trip exacerbates any slight over-exposure.

only the odd stoney brick of the stairway, and maybe the odd tree trunk, were at the boundary of really being 'blown' which is a slight over exposure, but exacerbated by using too contrasty 'default' Rebel setting in clearly bright contrasty lit scenario (sunny blue sky day w/ white clouds)

this is a more difficult into the sun view, where the white clouds are clearly blown (not unusual if facing the sun), it was slightly over exposed (ditto wrong default 'too contrasty' Rebel setting used)

i do NOT have fancy 'post-processing' software, but a humble simple photo viewer (IrfanView32) which is FREE, to 'inspect/scrutinize' your images, and apply brute shifts in image contrast/gamma.

All i did was tame or 'de-contrast/sink-gamma' your 'over-contrast-set' slightly over exposed shots taken in a super bright contrasty sceneries. This is a strong verification that you should NOT use the Rebel's DEFAULT contrast settings when shooting in JPEG. If you shoot in RAW, it STILL means if you need to 'fix' it if you continue to rely on 'full auto' and avoid using ExpSim LV in Full M/M ISO.

In IrfanView32:

all your shots were aggressively shifted for:

Contrast from '0' to 'low contrast' of Neg 48 out of min Neg 127 (contrast adjustment ranges from Neg 127 to Pos 127).

Gamma from '1.00' to 'low gamma' of 0.52 (gamma adjustment ranges from 0.00 - 6.99)

I did that aggressive shift on your pics just so I could see most of the hightlight data were still intact on the 'supposed overexposed blown' areas.

I'm sure a 'proper' image post-processing software can do it much better than a simpler 'photo viewer' can.

NOTE: all your modified photos here are TEMPORARY, and I will remove them from my DPReview forum 'Omni88 Gallery' AFTER, hopefully, you've seen this message (or maybe downloaded the original resolution images, provided).

hope this helps.

if you set your camera right, you shouldn't need to do any drastic post-processing whatsoever, all i did was pp to 'undo' a 'wrong (too) contrast' setting used in a 'bright contrasty' situation.

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