Very disappointed with Canon T4i (650D) - over-exposed/washed out pictures

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Hey buddy, I know exactly what you talking about. My old XSi/450d takes great outdoor photo, but when I upgraded to a newer Canon T1i/500d, all my outdoor photo came back WASH-OUT and OVER-EXPOSED. As as long time canon shooter, I'm familiar with all the in-n-out of canon, and its not my technique since I'm been taking great photo with canon for a long time.

The culprit is canon's horrible implementation of AUTO LIGHT OPTIMIZATION.

Canon take a (1) properly exposed photo + (2) over-exposed to eliminate any shadows = (3) a badly over-expsoed photograph that is lifeless.

Take a look at this review from

without ALO

from on ALO OFF

with ALO

from on ALO ON

Focus your attention on the TREES & SHRUB on the LEFT. Noticed:

  • outdoor Trees & Shrub are probably exposed without ALO, but
  • outdoor Trees & Shrub are badly over-exposed with ALO (like a fake HDR)

Solution are:


The auto lighting optimizer setting is what I've seen get the blame for washed out photos before. I bet the OP had this turned on.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a squirrel or a duck?

This is interesting! I will have to check when I get home to see if this is in fact turned on... (I can't remember right now where that setting is buried in the menus... so I'll have to look it up)

Auto Lighting optimizer setting is on the second menu tab (from the left) and second one down on that list. Easy to find. I know I've seen this exact thing posted in the past. What good it is if it causes problems, I don't know - maybe it's just for special circumstances. But I'll be interested to find out if it's turned on.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a squirrel or a duck?

Thanks for pointing that out.  The Auto Lighting Optimizer was set to STANDARD.  I've now set it to Off.  Also the Exposure Comp was set to 0.

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