Nikon 1.4 teleconverter on zoom lenses.

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Nikon 1.4 teleconverter on zoom lenses.

Hey all,

I have recently purchased the 1.4 and 2 TC III to test them with my zoom lenses.

First I did some adjustments to ensure the focussing was as correct as possible.

When i took test shots @ 15 meter of a brick wall on a tripod and with remote release, i was quite amazed at the results.

I took 10 shots with a 200-400 with and without a 1.4 tc on a d800 ( @ f4(naked), 5.6(both) , 6.3(both) 7.1(both) f8(both)

I compared where at the same apertures, and they had almost all the same shutter speed.

The only shot i found clearly better with the 1.4 was @ f7.1, some were worse then naked and some marginally better.

I was expecting alot more of this TC ( the same story on the 70-200 2.8) and decided to return it.

The slower auto-focus and on the 200-400 being on 5.6 and possibly needing to stop down to f7.1 for really sharp images(resulting in either higher iso or lower shutter speed), has led me to the conclusion i am much more likely to make the shot without the 1.4 ( and just crop when needed ), and achieve better results.

With the TC 2 III was more as expected and it clearly won when comparing the same sections of the image viewed at the same size ( which should be expected or TC's would probably not be around at all)

I will only use it when i really need the reach, and i hope thom hogan is right about it somewhat fixing the weak point of the 200-400, it is already a known fact the tc2III also performs well on the 70-200 when stopped down, so i did not test this yet.

Do you have simliar experiences with the 1.4 converter on zoom lenses?

It seems on primes everybody is raving about the quality with 1.4 converters, and i think even on a 200-400 it could result in better pictures, but i think taking tack sharp images is harder, and i didn't even do an overwhelming job under controlled conditions on a sturdy tripod with remote release.

I was hoping it would have made alot of difference and make me keep the 1.4 on for most of the trip, but it's just not for me.

Don't get me wrong, it still took great images, just when viewed at pixel level, the 40% more pixels on the same area didn't increase the sharpness or clarity as much as i expected, like the TC2III did.

I have not tested the TC2III for autofocus tracking yet, but i have a feeling it is gonna be slow and hard to track birds (if at all)

What is your experiences with teleconverters on Zoom lenses?

And prime lenses.

Nikon D800
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