Ken Rockwell rates X-E1 image quality higher than Leica M9!

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Mr Lumière
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Re: Ken Rockwell rates X-E1 image quality higher than Leica M9!
In reply to rattymouse, Dec 9, 2012

rattymouse wrote:

Davidgilmour wrote:

The X-E1 has image quality and lenses more like my LEICA M9 than any DSLR, and it's smaller and lighter than any DSLR — or LEICA. The X-E1 does what the LEICA M9 does well, even better than the M9 does it!

Shooting in JPG, the X-E1's colors should be far better than the LEICA M9 and images are far sharper as well.

Fuji's optics are superior, offering SUMMICRON image quality with SUMMILIX speed, something even LEICA can't do.

How about *that*, Mr. Chambers?

The X-E1 is lighter and quieter than the LEICA M9. The X-E1 allows you to shoot faster, be more discrete and attract less attention. The X-E1 brings back stunning technical quality from a compact, precise, all-metal camera with a minimum of fuss. When you learn it, the X-E1 is simpler and faster to shoot than the M9. Hallelujah!

The X-E1 is what you get when you take the image and lens quality of the LEICA M9, put it in the ergonomically superior Contac G2, and then add a built-in flash. The X-E1 is also worlds better at high ISOs than the LEICA M9.

Laughable. Ken Rockwell is by far one of the biggest fools in the photographic world. He's "reviews" are so full of nonsense as to be beyond belief.

Ken Rockwell on the Zeiss ZF 50mm f/1.4 Planar lens:

"This is a lens for the gear hobbyist or collector, or someone shooting manual focus 35mm film cameras. This lens can't autofocus and makes no sense to use on for any digital or AF Nikon."

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"Character assassination seems to be the prefered method of defense when someone dare voice an less than stellar opinion of Fujifim's X Trans sensor and its wonderful water colors."


"Character assassination seems to be the prefered method of defense when someone dare voice -- a different opinion than yours --"

So according to you a professional photographer that voices his opinion with a disclaimer that he is voicing his opinion has less credibility than some Troy McClure that happens to say something you like like he's some authority holding the truth?

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