Any Samples of REAL D600 Images Spoiled By Oil Spots?

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Robin Casady
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Re: Any Samples of REAL D600 Images Spoiled By Oil Spots?
In reply to halai, Dec 8, 2012

halai wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

It depends on the severity of the problem. Dust on DSLR sensors is a fact of life, just like dust on negatives was a fact of life with film. You will get some dust when you change lenses.

In the last few years (D3, D700 onward) it seems that new cameras have had issues with oil spots for the first several K actuations.

If your camera is still putting lots of spots on the sensor after 7K actuations, it is worth contacting Nikon about. From what I've read on this board, most D600 stop with excessive spotting after 3K.

Is this issue significant enough that one should avoid buying a D600? No.

Is it significant enough to warrant thread after thread on this forum? No.

Is it significant enough to warrant indignant outrage? No.

BTW, $2,100 is dirt cheap for a 24 MP DSLR. It is sort of like complaining about a $20,000 Ferrari.

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I just checked on Amazon, B&H Photo, and even Nikon website, and all displayed a "Brand New" D600 at $1997. No where in the description that states the camera will have oil/dust when purchase new. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So as a customer, don't you think we would expect to have a brand new, oil/dust free camera? If the description on the D600 mentioned anything related to the oil/dust issue, then I can understand completely as a customer.

Page 397 of the D800 User Guide. It can be downloaded before purchase.

You wont find the maintenance schedule for a car on the fluff web page promoting it. Nor will you find all you need to know about using a DSLR on B&H or Amazon pages for a particular camera.

BTW, the price on the D600 is a "Good" price, but I would not consider $2100 or even $2000 as being cheap, or even dirt cheap as you stated.

You must be a newbie. Last year, you had to spend $7,000 for a 24 MP Nikon. $2,000 is amazingly cheap.

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