The XZ-1 has a freeze bug

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The XZ-1 has a freeze bug

Hi guys. I experienced a bug in the way the XZ-1 operates and can freeze it 10 out of 10 times under the following conditions. It was driving me nuts in trying to figure out how I was able to get the camera to freeze and now I think I know a sure-fire way to cause it. It'll probably cause your copy to do it as well.

Please let me know if you experience the same thing as it's driving me nuts thinking it's only my camera. This happens on two so I'm statistically thinking it's on more than a few models out there.

Set your camera to the following settings and follow the procedure to see if your copy also freezes:

Photo Size/Quality: RAW + LN

Storage Card: SanDisk Extreme SD 16GB card (occurred with the SanDisk Ultra card as well)


1. Shoot several pictures in succession (i.e. induce heavy writing to the memory card), then

2. Press the Up button on the keypad (the button for exposure control) and then

3. Press the Play button to try to play back the last saved image.

4. The camera will freeze if it was busy writing to the camera while steps 2 and 3 were conducted. (Note: A power reset with a battery pull will remedy this condition.)

The above will not happen or perhaps reduced significantly if the photo size/quality setting was at the lowest image quality setting. I don't know at which setting it will start to happen more readily, but at the LN or RAW + LN setting, it's very easy to induce this freeze bug.

As a result of this bug, I'm resorted to refraining from hitting the Play button after shooting as that'd be easier to refrain from than not hitting the Up button as I make more shot to shot exposure changes than to play back images/videos.

[EDIT]:  Can those with XZ-2's see if you can reproduce this freeze bug as well?  Thanks!

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